Monday, November 10, 2014

Thinking From a Different Perspective

I do not know all the answers I am trying to upload just my video to your Dropbox but it is bigger than 75 MB so I had to enter your Dropbox site to do it. I hope it loads. The cyber we went to was closed so we are really late now.... I am doing what I can but I will be getting off early.  

We had 3 investigators come to stake conference and it was good. We use a lot of micros and I know where they all go.... It has been a really crazy week and the investigators were the Guerra Zapata family Elizabeth, Francisco, and Alfonso. We have more that are having some difficulties but we are doing all that we can now.  

Thanks for everything and it was just missions South and West for the conference with Elder Nelson in San Bernardo which is like 15 minutes from Ochagavia. We are doing well and I cannot answer all of your questions due to time sorry. 

It is uploading really slowly.... If it uploads it will only be just this video if not I´m sorry but it is in process. I doubt it will make it in time. I am doing my best I don´t think I will be able to send the photos.  

I don´t think that I have time to write a lot about the Conference. There was a lot about thinking from a different perspective during the mission. About thinking about our pre-mortal self that we don´t remember and how we were before changing our perspective of what we can do now. There was a lot of profound doctrine and scriptures. I have them written in my study journal that we have from the mission. There are a lot of things that I will be bringing home from the mission to remember a lot of things. 

I am doing great overall and I keep trying to find new ways to make things different in the work so that I don´t get bored. I have been enjoying the work and everything and it is crazy that in one week I will be out for 5 months. It will only be 18 and a half months how crazy is that? Things will pass quickly and I have been using the markers and sticky notes to mark my scriptures and have a system that I can use I am working on improving my teaching. The hardest part for me is starting the lessons. I don´t really talk a lot because I am still practicing, but I am more quiet because I am focused on listening and everyone notices that I don´t talk much. Elder Vasquez talks a lot and doesn´t stop talking most of the time, so it is hard for me to talk sometimes. I am doing what I can to improve and work on it. I can only practice and get over some of the obstacles that for me I just don´t like. I´m not the type of person who just walks up to a random stranger and starts talking. It just feels weird to me, but I am working on a lot of weak points that I want to strengthen. 

Thanks for everything and for all of your help with everything and for the information that you always give me! The next time you write Kaden tell him that he will love our mission. I love how we have the conferences and everything to have the whole mission together to learn and talk when we have time. Thanks! 

I forgot to send the letter with everything. I am trying, but if it falls through from Dropbox I will try to send it from a member´s house when I have lessons or a visit with them. I hope that it all works out. I will just have to explain to them if I can´t get it to work through this method. There are file size restrictions for missionaries and the video is nearly 200 MB. It is just under 3 minutes. I am doing what I can. Thanks! 

Do many of the members have computers? 

There are some. The problem is that there aren´t a lot of places that have Wi-Fi. I know of a few families that have Wi-Fi. I will do what I can. It is just that the video is uploading really slowly. I don´t know why, but it is really slow. I am looking at the photos in my mission folder and you remember the photo of the zoo? I know a lot of the Elders who are in the photo. Thanks for everything! 

Did you get to shake Elder Nelson’s hand? 

Yes I did. It was really nice. I have a special study journal for conferences and everything from the mission. I am going to have one for the conferences and one for my daily experiences. I will have to show you it when I get back or maybe earlier if I decide to send a photo of it. Thanks for everything. I am working on it though. It is more or less that I am just uncomfortable with talking in Spanish. There are times when people understand me perfectly and others when they don´t understand a word that I am saying..... It is a little frustrating and many Latin missionaries have said that accents for Elder Decker and I are horrible, but I am just doing my best to improve. Thanks! 

The video is less than halfway loaded.... I will have to try attaching it to an email sent by somebody in my sector. Maybe Enrique or Jessy. I will have to see. Both are retention or recent converts. They are great. Jessy is the mom of a family of 5, both parents and 3 kids and Enrique you talked about a little with Vanessa. They are awesome and are active. The Soto family, Jessy and all, are converts of Elder Chuquel and just started paying tithing so Elder Chuquel can go with them to the temple when it has been a year. We are allowed to go to the temple with our converts so there will be some great experiences. I am planning for sure to go with Juan in less than a year, but we need to see if he is paying tithing. If not, I am going to ask Jaime to see if he can help his brother start working toward the temple. Juan is a miracle baptism for me in this time. I am out of time. Love you! 

What if you tried logging into your gmail account and sending the video from there. 

I haven´t, but I don´t have time.

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