Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Week Feels Like a Month

Here are some photos of the house that we are living at. It is the first building purchased by the church in Chile. It is called Al Contrara for the street it is on. All the missionaries in the CCM live here currently. The picture has all of us and then you have a couple photos of the Andes that they took for us. I am loving it here, but it feels like I've been gone longer. Lessons are going well and we are teaching lessons in Spanish for practice investigators. Things are great and I am having a great time my district is awesome. There are 4 Elders and 3 Sisters. 5 are from Utah and 2 are from Idaho. The elders are Christensen, Bevan, Harrah and me and the Sisters are McQuinn, Tolk, and Kirkpatrick. Hope the information I shared is useful. Oh and Elder Ballard who left with me is a grandson of Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.

I have until 1 to email which is 11 for you. Also P Day won't always be on Tuesdays. We are going to the Temple at 2 and I forgot to bring the cable for my camera so I can't upload my pictures this week. We are only allowed to take photos on P day at the CCM. So I won't have them for you this week. Things go fast here and it doesn't feel like it's only been a week. I am doing all that I can and enjoying everything.


Here is a photo of me and my companion by the temple. We are by the building where we have devotionals. I figured out how to get my photos from my camera so that I could send you something. I am in a building that is a couple away from the temple emailing now. Everything here is really nice.


Things are going great and I'm almost out of time for this week. I love you and will write again next week. Thanks for all you do and your support. Thanks for everything. Try to keep me informed and I will do the same. Thanks for always being there for me.  Love you and have an amazing week.


Love, Braxton
~Note from Mom
Using my best detective skills, I determined that Braxton's companion is Elder Harrah, whom I believe is from Idaho.  Elder Harrah is to the right of Braxton in the group photo.  Elder Christensen is on the top row, fifth Elder from the left.  I believe he is from Nampa, Idaho.  I believe Elder Bevan is two Elders to the left of Braxton with the blond hair and from St. George, Utah.  The three sisters in his district are on the front row, second, third and fourth from the left side.  Sister Tolk is second, Sister McQuinn is third and Sister Kirkpatrick is fourth.  They are all from Utah.  We saw Sister Tolk and Sister McQuinn at the airport and talked with their families.  Elder Ballard is the first elder from the left on the second row.  Elder Mertz is the third elder from the left on the second row.  We met him and his family at the airport. 
In an email to his brother, Braxton said his first week feels like it has been a month.  If every week feels that way, his mission could end up feeling like it is almost 9 years long.  It probably feels long because they are in classes from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. each day with a few breaks and lunch and dinner.  After having two weeks out of school to play all day, I am sure it is hard to go back to long days of schooling again.  Braxton also told his brother that he fears I will be right and he will gain weight on his mission.  He likes the food.      


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