Monday, August 4, 2014

Things Are Crazy

I don't need you to send me scriptures. I have a Spanish Book of Mormon with tabs and I can make do with just a Spanish Bible that I have currently. Sending them here by the time I get done they will be in poor condition. If you want to order them you can, but I would prefer to have a nice copy that isn't tarnished or ruined out here. There is a lot of dirt, sand and other things that make it hard to keep things as clean as I would like. I am doing great. My new companion is Elder Chuquel. He is from Brazil. He lives in the southern part of Brazil and I don't know the name of the city. He has been out for approximately 7 months now. He goes home with the Hermanas from my group. I have pictures but I haven't been able to send them from my camera because there really isn't free Wi-Fi around where I live and the Chapel doesn't have Wi-Fi.
The name of the area I am serving in is Lo Espejo. It is Lo Espejo 2. There are 4 Elders in my house. Elder Decker who was in the MTC with me, Elder Chuqel, and Elder Fernandez. Elder Chuquel has the most time in the mission and has been here for 5 changes after this one. Things are crazy, but great. We have one Baptismal date for a girl whose mother is less active but she is 8 currently and will be 9 when the baptism date is. We had a confirmation for a guy that Elder Chuquel baptized last Sunday. The other Elders had a wedding and a baptism this week and will have a confirmation next Sunday. Things are great and crazy. I have been walking a lot and I never feel like I have enough to eat but that is normal. Things are going really well and I am really happy serving. We taught 27 lessons since Tuesday. Things are good though just really busy and the time has gone so fast.
I am doing all that I can. I have apples and I carry one with me in case I get hungry. I have water every day and flavoring. I haven't used the new water bottles because the water is perfectly fine and clean. I don't worry about those things.
I really don't need much Mom. One of my worries is coming home with too much stuff and I don't need all that much... It is really simple and I haven't had a need for anything yet. I could have bought a Spanish Bible here with tabs at the Distribution Center but I didn't want to. It was 12.7 Mil which is approximately $25 dollars so I decided not to. I have found 2 scripture cases one for my less fancy Bible case and a leather one for my Book of Mormon. Things are fine and don't stress too much over sending things. It is really expensive to send thing here. Also it is a lot of extra cost and things to have to buy and send. I am just fine. I can barely get all of my stuff in my suitcases. I am probably going to start leaving hangers in each area that I serve in so that when I come home I don't have any of them.... I just don't know if I will have the space or what will be in good condition to come home. I am fairly certain that after 2 years most all of my clothing and shoes are going to be worn out. I don't know for certain though and I really don't want to have a hard time bringing things home...
I don't know what to expect or how it will work but I am expecting to be here for at least 3-5 changes... I don't know specifically and I don't know if they are going to change Elder Chuquel after 6 weeks because they normally have trainers in one place for 2 changes with their greenie... He has been here for 4 before getting me so that will be 6 changes if he trains me all the way through. Elder Decker's trainer has 2 changes in the mission which is crazy so 3 total changes including the CCM. He is great and he has lived in Utah as well as Argentina I think. I can't remember for certain... Things are good and simple. I am loving the work and we do a lot and we have a book called La Rescate.... It has all the addresses of people and if they are less active, and lots of information, so we use this a lot to find people and we have done contacting when our appointments fall through or people can't meet with us. There are gates everywhere so we can't knock doors we yell at doors and if people hear us they come out and talk but sometimes we get ignored and lights turned off but it is normal.
 So many questions.... I don't think I can answer them all... My area specifically for my Stake is Ochagavia. My District leader is Elder Keddington. There is a store called Ekono in our area but today we went to a mall that has more stuff and bought other things. We went shopping on Friday last week to get food because we didn't have time on Tuesday after getting to the area. There are 4 missionaries in the area, Elder Decker from my CCM group who was the other District Leader for my CCM zone. We have a Branch here in Lo Espejo. 65 people attended church on Sunday.
We live on a street called Colon but I don't know the house number. Send packages to the mission home through USPS and label them Missionary Supplies for no problems and pictures of Christ don't hurt. Things are crazy! They give us 1 and a half hours on the computer 1 hour and 15 for email, but we have to send our weekly letter to the president as well. 15 minutes is for Family Search so I will be doing a little work on that, but probably not making much progress in that little time. Things are new and crazy, but I am learning a lot.
Elder Chuquel and I get along great I don't know a lot about his family specifically because it is hard to talk to him at times. How you described where he lives is correct and this is him on Facebook according to how you said. That sounds exactly correct. I didn't do what you wanted with the questions and I don't have a clue as to how many I haven't answered, but I'm trying and you ask too much.
All mail goes to the mission home and I will get it when we have District meeting each week and Zone meetings. 5 of the 8 elders got sent to the zone Ochagavia. Elders Mertz, Johnson, Ballard, Decker, and I are all in this zone. I don't know about any of the others but I am loving the work and I can't believe that time goes so quickly.
Mom there was one opportunity listed in my Family Tree and Temple work section the name is Lois Juanita Fisher and it says that she is married to Calvert Thomas Goode.... I´m really confused... Shouldn't it be Merla Ione Fewkes.... I don't understand what I need to do here.... I don't want to mess things up and I like working with help because then there are other people to double check my work. Can you look into this? I don't want to be a pest, but I want the work to be done properly and I know that you're amazing with these things. It seems really confusing for me.
Also with the names in my account can you go in and move them to yours or do whatever you need to do so that you can get the sealings done for them? I don't want to be holding names all throughout my mission. I am going to email you about Family Search while I do it. I will probably do Family Search at the beginning of my time from now on and email you about things so that you can make progress and we can work together on it.
I'm a little rusty on Family Search but I will do my best. Thanks for everything sorry it doesn't seem like enough but I will get back to you more next week sorry and I'm trying to do all that I can with email. My hands are typing constantly in this time so give me a little bit of a break. I love you and I am working hard. Things are great overall!
Sorry if my English is getting worse. Sadly after learning things in Spanish my English has gotten worse so that I can use Spanish. So if the spellings seem weird, I'm sorry and I'll work on it. Thanks so much for all that you do and I really want to help you find names in the 15 minutes that I have each week I love you and have an amazing week. 15 minutes feels so short for me when I am looking for names and trying to serve ancestors with my time too. There is so much work to do and let me know if you come up with stuff for me to do and look into. I hope that I can help you find and fix things. Sorry I'm really rusty on Family Search it has been around a year and I want to get back into it. Becca has been working on her family too. If you want you can try to help her with it I know that she would appreciate it. Bring it up! She has a really complex family situation and any help you can give will work wonders for her history! Thanks Mom love you so much!

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