Monday, August 18, 2014

We had 26 lessons this week and placed 4 baptismal dates!!!

My answer is 8 for you. We live there and the house is fine. The bathroom is working now and things are great! We had 26 lessons this week and placed 4 baptismal dates!!! This week went much better for me and today we played soccer which was really fun. Things are great and we are doing really well. Currently this next week is helping our baptismal dates improve and learn more and make commitments to help them progress. There are so many great people. They just need to accept Christ.

I got asked to give a talk in Church this past Sunday, but I got asked on Saturday... It went really well. Elder Decker talked about Faith. Elder Fernandez talked about the Book of Mormon and how we need to remember so many things. I talked about Repentance, The Atonement, and Enduring to the End. I explained so many things and it was very powerful. We had an investigator that a recent convert brought to church before we ever taught her and we gave her a tour of the church. A lot of the things I testified of were for the people to remember the importance of their baptismal covenants and living worthy of them. It was really powerful. I taught many different parts of the Doctrine of Christ. It was so powerful and I mentioned baptism for those who haven´t been, being important for investigators.

When we had our lesson later that evening our new investigator was ready for this step in her life and accepted a baptismal date after we shared about the Restoration. She is amazing and she said that she has never felt like she felt in a church before and she loved it! I am really excited and so grateful for the countless miracles that we have had in this past week! Things have been so special for me this week and we had 3 days where we placed baptismal dates. 2 Friday, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Things were great and Friday and Saturday we had 6 lessons a piece. Things have been so amazing and I am really enjoying things!

Dear Braxton
How are you doing? It sounds like you are having some problems with your bathroom. What is the problem with it? What is your place like? Do you have bugs, mice, rats? Do you have hot water or do you take cold showers? I think mom sent you some pictures off Google Earth. Which one is your place? It's really hard to tell with all the fences where the buildings change and the gates are. I talked to Brian Young yesterday at church he wanted to know how you were doing. I think he would love to hear from you. Make sure you tell me about your place, more details. I want to know what you’re dealing with. Thanks. Keep working hard. I Love You!   Love, Dad

Things are fine. I don´t have any problems and our bathroom is working. I have hot water and things are great. I told Mom about the house number and I am perfectly fine. Things are different, but not impossible and I know that I can deal with anything that comes my way. Thanks for the love and support. It means so much!

What do you mean by different?

Just that I have to live differently. We don´t have a dryer. We were told never to go bare foot. The shower is not like the ones Curtis had. Things are nice overall. Just a little bit different for me and everything in the house is tile. I don´t have a problem with things. We don´t have rats, mice, or bugs. I haven´t found anything wrong with it, solely that it is different for me.

We looked up your house number and it's really hard to tell we're you live. Are you on the north or south side of the street?

I think it is the North side of the street. When you see Sierra which is the street, I think is west of our house. If it is Sierra then we live on the North.

Have you looked at the pictures mom sent you?

Of the houses? Yes and it is house 8.

What was wrong with your bathroom?

It just wouldn´t drain and we fixed it. I spent several days working on it. We honestly have a hard time with it, but I spend a lot of time trying to make sure it works for everyone.

So it was plugged. How did you fix it?

We have a plunger and it is very flimsy but I have worked with clogged toilets enough so I just worked at it and eventually I was able to fix it and end the problem.

That’s great. I'm glad you were able to fix it. It will make life easier. Can you put toilet paper down the toilet?

No. That is another thing that is different and frustrating. We can in the Church and in The CCM, but the sewer system can´t handle it, so we can´t. The toilets here aren´t very great overall. They don´t have much power, so things are a little frustrating overall, but it isn´t too bad.


I want you to work on John David Goode.  Go to his person page.  At the top right is the Hints section.  There are four hints listed.  I have already checked and all four belong to him, so you can attach them and know that they are for the right family.  Go slow and work through the process.  It might help you to look at some of the articles I have put links to below.  You could read one each week.  Start with Record Hints and then try attaching some of the Record Hints as Sources.  If you have time, also read the second article, Attaching Historical Record to an Entire Family.  Then try attaching one.  Once you have done a few, this will be so easy for you.  Save this email in your Inbox for later so you can find it easily or make a new folder to keep Family History stuff in.



Family History Helps


Record Hints

Attaching Historical Record to an Entire Family

How to Search Historical Records from Family Tree and Attach the Source to a Record

Merging Duplicate Records in Family Tree

Cannot Merge Duplicate Records in Family Tree

Adding and Correcting Information About People and Relationships


There is a marriage record that is listed that has David Goode for John David Goode and the other thing is the marriage happened in different states. This is a little frustrating. I´m going to leave this one to you to fix. I´ll look at the others.


I checked that record and it is for John David Goode.  I want you to get experience attaching records.  He lived in different states.  He died in California.  I think he was born in Texas.  I will look to see if I can find some more records for you to work on for next week.  I will check them tonight.  I am sure you did fine.



I changed my mind about it. I decided to add it and you can review them later and see how it is or if it needs changed. Thanks I am almost out of time. I only got to John David Goode´s hints today. Thanks!


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