Monday, September 22, 2014

Independence Day Celebrations

Some of our baptismal dates fell through, because people weren´t able to come to church this week, but that´s okay. Isabil was finally able to come to church this week, but we had to go and find her and walk like 15 minutes to the church with her. She lives very far away, but we wanted her to come, so we went and found her, because she said that if we came with her she would come. It was a good week overall, but right now we are doing everything that we can to help out people that we are finding and helping.  

We found a new family of 5 that we can baptize 4 of, that lives in a poorer part that we have been able to teach 4 times this past week. They are really great and I know that they can progress really quickly. They couldn´t come to the church this Sunday, but they are going to come the next Sunday. We had an activity in the Church on Friday and we were at the church all day with people and they came and loved being there and meeting the people and being a part of the activity. We are doing well and I know that with a little time that they could get baptized. Here they use Last names of the father then the mother so the name of the family is The Guerra Zapata family. Victor, Elizabeth, and their 3 kids, but the oldest two are older than 8, so we can baptize them when they are ready. We are doing a lot to help them and focusing on them a lot because they are progressing so well.  

The 18th we were in the street teaching lessons and it was really hard to have lessons, but people gave us food.... We visited members because all of our plans fell through and contacting is horrible during holidays. The 19th was our activities in the Church and we gave tours of the church, played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and all sorts of other games. The 20th I was really sick and my stomach was upset and I was really sore from the day before and tried to go out and serve, but after about an hour we had to call the Zone Leaders and get permission to go back to the house, because I was sick. I had taken some medications for everything, but wasn´t feeling good. I slept for 4 hours and my companion listened to music, did the dishes, studied and relaxed while I slept and then we went out and taught a couple lessons, because I was feeling decent. I felt better the next day and that was Saturday when I was feeling awful. I am doing a lot better now and we still had 18 lessons in the week with 2 days of holidays and one day when I was sick, so it was pretty good overall. I am excited to work, but I always am trying to find more ways to help people progress, but it isn´t always easy. I am doing well and loving the work even though I have had a few hard days. Thanks for everything that you do and I have a little more time still. 

Don´t stress about me I am doing really well and little things happen and I will be just fine. I am doing great and loving the work. At times things are a little frustrating especially when I feel a little stressed out, because that is when I normally play video games for a little bit. Thanks for all that you do and enjoy your week. Love you!

Chileans celebrate their Independence on September 18th each year.  This article explains the history behind their government and their 204 years of Independence from Spanish Rule.




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