Monday, September 15, 2014

Photos!!! Hooray!

We eat lunch at around 2 in the afternoon.  My allergies are starting to act up a little because we are entering spring here. I am doing all that I can right now. Our normal cyber was closed today and we are short on time because of that. I am sorry and just be a little patient today. I still need to take care of messaging my president, but I wanted you to know so that you are not panicking sorry.

Currently we only have 1 baptismal date which is Martina she is 9 years old now. We moved her baptismal date back because we want her father to be at the baptism. So currently it is for the 27th with the confirmation on the 28th. The mom of Martina and Sophia who is 7 is a less active member but close to being active member. We are helping them to be more active and she is currently our only baptismal date.

I am doing good. We have other investigators. Carolina who visits her Mom in our sector in the weekends and we visit them and teach her.  Her baptismal date fell through because we need 3 times attending before baptism and there weren't more days to attend so we need to help her this next week with another baptismal date and to attend. We also have Isabil who is the mother of a recent convert that we are teaching because retention in the mission is for one year after baptism. We have a retention of 10. It is 4 families and right now we are trying to help Isabil attend, but it is hard because she and Ivan both work with weird schedules and can't always attend. We are doing a lot of contacting. We had 84 contacts in the last week. We couldn't leave our pention on the 11th of September because it is dangerous here, so we had a party in our pention. Our numbers were lower because we lost a day. We are doing really well and helping a lot of people, but right now it is finding people who are willing to progress and helping them prepare for baptism.

We have a lot of blocks in our sector. They have like 24 to 48 houses in each one..... We have more than 35 blocks to put it bluntly and a lot of other houses to contact. Our sector is a gold mine of people, but finding them and then helping them takes a lot of time. We are doing all that we can and being really persistent with others. Moises was the 8 year old that I confirmed a member two Fridays ago. Elder Chuquel baptized him and if I can I will send photos today. I am doing really well and loving the work, but I have a lot to do and it is a little difficult at times.


This was the last day with Elder Chuquel in the pention. Left to right this is Elder Fernandez, Elder Chuquel, Elder Decker and Elder Goode.


Sorry this was of my heritage in the mission. Left to right are Elder Goode, Elder Chuquel, Elder Smith and Elder Stevens.

Elder Smith is my Grandfather in the mission with Elder Chuquel, who is my father and Elder Stevens who is my uncle in the mission. And I have a brother but I don't have a picture of him yet and I don't know his name. I will let you know when I find out who he is. I am going to send photos from the baptism too.


This is Hermana Barreiros, Elder Chuquel, Elder Prisbey and President Barreiros.  Elder Chuquel is training Elder Prisbey so that makes Elder Prisbey, a brother to Elder Goode. 


The family here is Moises family and the other girl in white is Arecelli who is the cousin of Moises.

 We are at another cyber and it is reading my card, so if we can we will try to use other cybers or whatever is possible to write. Thanks for everything. I am almost out of time. I hope that my brief description will work for today. I'm sorry about everything in the past week and I will work on giving more details for the next week! Love you! If I have time I will send one more photo of our day stuck in the house.


Elder Fernandez, Elder Decker, Elder Vasquez and Elder Goode on September 11th when they were stuck in their apartment for their safety. 

Churry Pan is like Hot Dogs, but they are a little different as well. If I have a minute or two I will send picture of my first completo as well. I am doing all that I can to send photos this week to help because I can send them right now. Sorry and hope that this helps with everything. I will send more information about families and other investigators and everything next week. I am focusing on pictures this week.


My first completo Italian style.


Santa Lucia has a cool place that I don't remember all of the history about, but you can look it up in the internet and find out more, but this was the last P day of the change. We went with our zone and had permission. It was really cool and I had a really good time even though it was raining the whole time. I am really excited for the next change and now you have a photo of Elder Vasquez with me. The glasses he doesn't use they were just in the house, so he was wearing them. We did a lot of planning for our sector this past Thursday because we had all day and planned for the week for 4 and a half hours and the normal is 3. We are preparing to have a great change, but there is a lot to do and many people to help. I am excited to go work even though I don't always give a lot of details. I am going to do better to write more. Sorry. I don't always share all of my experiences, but I remember a lot of them. I will share them when I have a few minutes here and there. Thanks for everything. We have permission to write this late from the Assistants, if you were wondering.

I am taking my pills but I have missed a few days with the inhalers. I am doing fairly well.

One sister in my ward who lives close, we stopped by and she was having an asthma attack because other people were smoking. So I ran to our apartment and found one of my new inhalers and gave it to her, because she needed it more than I did. But this was after we gave her a blessing. I have had many opportunities to serve and I felt like we needed to visit them and she is a recent convert with all of her family. They are a family of 5. The Soto Family. They are awesome. We are doing all that we can to help prepare them for the temple. They have a long way to go, but we are doing all that we can. I am enjoying the work. This was one experience when I was prompted to help. This was this past week and it was a really good experience. I had exactly what they needed to help and afterwards she was feeling better.

Love you. And so that you know, the time changed here, so that it is 6:40 right now. We have permission to write for now, but I have to go.

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