Monday, January 26, 2015

Disappointing News

I will keep working on as many names as I can.  You may see some new hints attached to people you have already worked on.  The church just did an update last week on the hinting feature and added some new databases plus improved the feature so it will find more matches for people.

Are you still there?  I am waiting for you to reply to my other emails.

Sorry I was writing Kelton..... He wrote that he is going home..... It is hard to hear that right now and I want to help him.... Can you try to help me by keeping in contact and giving him support because it is going to be hard for him in the next little bit.....

That is sad that he is headed home.  I am sorry.  I will try to support him the best I can.

I wrote some advice for him that went to all of the other missionaries that are my friends as well and he wrote that 5 hours ago. I am hoping that what I wrote will help him out. I don´t know. Things like this make it hard for me when I want to help my friends, but I can´t do much more than write to them....

You can always pray for them and you can continue to be a strong example for righteousness and perseverance and faith and hope.  A mission is not easy.  I know there are hard parts about your mission that you don’t tell us about.  You will someday, just like Curtis and Clain are starting to do.  Every now and then they open up and share some of the difficult things they faced.  We pray that you will be strong and will be able to deal with all that comes your way, especially the hard things. 

I know when others go home it makes it harder for you to stay, but hang in there.  You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.  I know you are tough and you can do hard things.  When the going gets tough, think of all the times on the soccer field when things weren’t going your way and how you just continued to work and kick even harder against the ball and their shin guards.  When you got pushed, you pushed back.  When you fell down, you got up.  You just fought back with all you had inside of you.  Keep doing that in the mission field and you will continue to be successful.  Please don’t get discouraged because of Kelton and others you know who have gone home. 

You have prepared your whole life for a mission and you can complete it, even if it is hard.  I am so proud of how you stuck it out with Elder Vasquez, even when you didn’t feel like he liked you.  You just kept trying.  Soon you will be a leader in the mission and training others to be good missionaries.  You will be a strong example of everything good.  I am so very proud of you and your desire to help others.

Thanks! I am doing what I can right now more than anything to focus on the work and the people and doing my best in everything. Sorry that I haven`t wrote a lot today. I have had a lot on my mind and trying to serve and work hard in all things.

I know.  Stuff like this makes it difficult to focus.  Can you tell us about your baptism, the package, your FHE on Wednesday and if you have the stuff to make crepes?

With people that were born in 1917 should I put dead or alive? They are like 2 years from 110 years.... What do you think?

Put them living.  Tell me their numbers and I will try to find death information on them.  Usually I can find something.  Not many people really live that long.

I know but it is the youngest child that is the only one that I can´t put dead..... I will send the number. It is a new person that I just found.  Find this code and then do the descendency view to find the record where he is missing, because I can´t create this last one. 9JR9-6ND

Okay.  I can do that.  Thanks.

We didn´t have our baptisms this week. Jonathan didn´t want to this week. He felt like it was too quick so we are working with him for this next weekend. Camila was out of town in Viña del Mar for her Dad´s birthday. Jonathan is from Columbia and Camila from Punto Arenas. We also have a new baptismal date that is Pamela and she is from Concepción and this next weekend is going to visit family, but wants to attend and said that she would the following week. I am excited for these people to work with them and help them accept the Gospel.

We don´t get to go to the temple. We only go if we have people from our sector going and up until now we haven´t gone. I will see about it in a little more time.

I didn´t cook this last Wednesday because they decided to first do one with Elder Correa´s cooking and afterwards mine. I am doing well and have plans to cook in the future, but I will look into it. The recipes are hard to follow because the supplies here are different and I don`t exactly have time to practice or prepare everything. I have been really rushed lately and trying to be focused on the work more than anything.

Sorry about your baptism.  It will work out this next week.  Keep on praying and trying.  I am happy you are so focused, but don’t forget to have a little fun and smile and laugh.  What did Elder Correa cook for them? 

The Crepe recipe should be simple.  The cookie package only needs an egg and some butter.  The cake recipe only needs a couple of eggs and some oil.  Any of those should be easy to make.  Stop stressing.  You can do this.  I obviously didn’t spend enough time on cooking lessons with you. LOL 

Did you get the package?  Did you have a party for Elder Correa?  What did he think of the gifts?  Are you happy to have your music back?

Arrepas. I don´t know how to spell it... Sorry they are Columbian and it was our Family Home Evening with Camila. Yes I got the package and it went really well. We had a party, but haven´t made the cake. He had 2 for his birthday from members anyway. He really enjoyed all of the gifts and wanted to tell you thanks. Yes I am really happy to have my music back. It helps me relax when I get stressed out.   (I sent him a new Blue Tooth speaker in the last package, because the one we sent with him will no longer charge).

Okay, I will try we had a lot of work this last week. We found Pamela from a reference and taught Jonathan the last lessons.

I am out of time. Sorry! Thanks for everything.

Thanks Braxton. I love you. Have a great week and don't get discouraged. 

I found this recipe, photo and description for Colombian Arepas on 

These tasty cornmeal cakes can be found grilled, baked, or fried in several Latin American countries. We love this Colombian version—the outside fries up crisp and golden, while the cheesy middle stays wonderfully moist. They can be eaten as a side dish or paired with hot chocolate for an afternoon snack.

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