Monday, February 2, 2015

Working Hard!

Thanks Braxton. I love you. Have a great week and don't get discouraged. 

I will work on it. So today the mission cut us back to 1 hour of email so it will be shorter today.

Ok. Type fast. Why?

I haven´t heard from Kaden at all.  Our attendance was 114 which is lower than normal. Jonathan didn´t have his interview. Our Mission President came to our ward for the meetings to have the interview with Jonathan, but he wanted to wait a week to have it. So next Saturday will be the interview. Things are going well. I still don´t have a clue about Family Home Evening supposedly it will be this week, but I will figure that out in a little bit. Sorry about the SD card I haven´t had time to get it ready, so it will take more time. Yes, I found a Post Office, but not in my sector. We taught 17 lessons this week. We are planning baptisms for Jonathan this week and Camila the next week and we are working with others to have them ready.

Are you still there?

Ya, I am still here. I am doing my best.  Email is short because our Mission President changed the rules. I have learned not to question the reasoning of my leaders. I just follow their revelation for me. We had a missionary activity to remember the missions of those that have served in my ward on this last Saturday. Things are going well and we are doing our best.

Sounds like you are busy.  That is too bad that President Barreiros came all the way and the interview didn’t work out.  Why do you think your attendance was down?  Were they all watching the Super Bowl yesterday? 

Can you send a couple of photos today?  What have you been doing on your Pdays?  Have you visited any interesting sites?  Do you get together with your District or Zone for activities?

Are you happy and healthy?

It was fine. It helped a lot, because President planned the interview with Jonathan then and there and the baptism and everything. So I am glad that he was willing to come. Many people are on vacation. It is summer here. No, nobody watched. I don´t think it is a big deal outside of the United States. I didn´t even realize that was yesterday. I will work on photos. We go do our shopping. Today, we had a reunion with the whole mission and we do email and laundry and working after 6. Sometimes, we play soccer and other things. We haven´t gone to any sites yet here. I am doing just fine.

I am glad you are obedient.  Are there a lot of missionaries that have served from your ward?  What did you do for the activity? 

I will send a photo so you can see what we did it was showing stuff from the missions and things like that. There are a lot of young families, so yes.

Why a mission reunion today?  Were you happy to see everyone?  Did you take photos?  What activities do they do when you have a mission reunion?

Are there any sites you want to go and see while you are serving in the city?
Are your other investigators going to be ready for baptism?  Tell me some wonderful experiences you have had this week.  What miracles did you see happen?

Because it was a large group of missionaries and half went home today. They are all doing well and no I didn´t take pictures. Reunion because we learn and get taught and there aren´t activities. Yes, it was good to see everyone. There are some sites, but we have to get permission to go as a zone. We are working with each of our investigators and I believe they will be ready but we are doing our best to help them, but they all have their own timetables. Carlos has been my miracle lately, because he is doing so much to help Jonathan and us. Yesterday he went out with us to visit and it went really well. I don´t want to share the details of this story. It is one I want to keep close to me.

Okay.  I understand.  I hope someday you will share some of your special experiences with us.  I am glad Carlos is helping you so much.  That is neat.  I think he is a miracle from God.  Were Carlos and Jonathan friends before?

Has anything wonderful happened with your other investigators?

So you are still seeing the effects of the age change on the transfers and getting some mid-transfer transfers.  Does President Barreiros teach you each time you have a reunion for transfers?

Yes, they teach us and it wasn´t for the age change. It was a choice President made because the group was a large one, to send them home separate for plane flights. We introduced Carlos and Jonathan and now they are great friends. We are still working with Camila for the following week so like 12 days.

Great.  I hope it works out so you can have the baptisms this change with Elder Correa.

Nice.  Who took the photo?

Another sister in the ward.

Our zone missing a few people and a brother that came to play with us.

I love you.  Have a great week.  I hope that you are safe and happy and successful. We pray for you every day and hope that you pray for us as well.  Keep on working hard and you will be blessed.
We will see what happens and I will get back to you. I am going to have to be more brief about everything and do my best to explain everything for you when I have a moment or two. Sorry....

Don’t be sorry.  Just write more details in your letters.  I love you Son!  Be Goode!

Can you look into this in Decendency View. There is a record that there is a new person here thanks. 9VLP-3Z7. This one, too. L7GX-X9C only because they have kids that were born in the 1920s and thirties.

Sure.  I have reserved some of the names for you in your temple list.  I am now going back through each one to make sure that we have as much information as possible on each one.  I can compare them to what I have in and make sure all of the dates and places are accurately entered.  That way when you need some to go to the temple you will be able to print the cards.  I will keep working on that list.  You are doing a great job on these families.  Thank you.

I just do Decendency View. I like it more than doing other things. Thanks, I am out of time. I love you and thanks for everything. Sorry it is really hard to do everything that I would like to in so little time.

Okay.  There are lots of those.  Most will just have to wait till time progresses before we can do the work, unless the missionaries find their families and convert them. 
I am excited because the Roots Tech Conference is coming up next week.  I will go to it Thursday to Saturday.  I always learn lots of new things there.

I know. I am just working my way back and then back down thanks for everything. I am working as quickly as I can, but there is never enough time. I wish I could do this work all day. It is a whole lot easier to baptize people after their life here because it is much harder with Satan working on them.

We are told it is harder for people to repent in heaven, so better to teach them and baptize them here.  It takes lots of hard work on both sides of the veil.  I wish I could sit all day and do Family History work, too.  I love it and it brings me a lot of joy.  I am happy that you like it, too.  It gives me great joy to know that one of my children loves their ancestors like I do.  Remember they are looking out for you each day and will keep you safe and protected. 

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