Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transfer to Bollenar 2 in Melipilla

Sorry that I wasn`t able to write yesterday. I am now in Melipilla. I am in the sector Bollenar 2, like “Voy a nar” in English for pronunciation. I am in a Whitewash, so my companion and I are both new in the sector. It has been closed for about 3 months. We are opening it back up and he served in this sector before, about 14 months ago. His name is Elder Leyva from Peru. I am really tired from yesterday bringing 6 bags all the way to our sector. Elder Leyva is the District Leader, so it will go well.

Elder Argyle also had changes. He is in Olimpo in the Los Heroes ward. He is with Elder Fernandez from Chile not the same one from Lo Espejo. They decided to put Sisters in our sector so they split up Sister Willmore and Sister Acuña and Sister Willmore is training and Sister Acuña is senior companion in my old sector with another sister that I don`t know.

Things are going fairly well I am going to be on a bike. We need to repair them a lot, because they are in bad condition.... Also our sector is very far away and it is very large. Also the bus system doesn`t run on Sunday so it is going to be very hard to have people attending. There are only around 30 some people attending right now. It is a branch. We are also living with Elder Orozco and Elder Brush. It has been a really long 3 days and I am fairly exhausted and will be for the next while. I have a lot of biking to do and I know nobody and my companion has knowledge of how things were over a year ago, so we will see how it goes and what we can do.

Sorry for worrying you. We didn`t have time to write because there isn`t a cyber in our sector. We had to go to the city of Melipilla to write. My sector is in Maria Pinto and those parts north of Bollenar. I hope that helps you to figure out the space and mapping toward the north. 

The three yellow push pins show the three locations where Braxton has served so far on his mission.  Lo Espejo 2 in the Ochagavia Zone, Diegro de Almagro 2 in the Republica Zone and Bollenar 2 in the Melipilla Zone.  There must be something about that number 2.  His first two sectors were in the city on the northeast end of the mission at about 1500 feet above sea level.  Now he is in the country, closer to the coast and at about 500 feet above sea level.  

It is good to hear from you.  Many families didn’t get email yesterday with the transfers.  I wasn’t too worried.  I knew you were in the Lord’s hands.  I messaged Elder Argyle’s mom and she forwarded Daniel’s letter to me.  So I knew where you were laying your head down to sleep last night.  I have looked on Google Earth and have an idea of where your sector is and how big it is.  Where is your apartment at?  Did you ride your bike all the way to Melipilla or did you take a bus to get there?  Did you go shopping for food yesterday or will you do that today?  How long has your companion been out?  I assume he is well into his second year if he was there 14 months ago.  Did you have to carry the bags the full way to your sector or did you go by bus most of the way?  How far out does the train go?

There was a bus to the city of Melipilla. We then had to take another bus that we had to wait an hour for. We live fairly close to the church building but my sector is to the north to the mission`s boundaries. I wasn`t able to go shopping. We are going to do that today. The street that we live on isn`t on the church`s map of the wards. I don`t even know the name of it... I don`t have pictures yet in my sector.

 This is the city of Bollenar where the church is and where Braxton's apartment is.  The yellow push pin is on the church.  He said his apartment is somewhere near there.  

He will be working in this area to the north of Bollenar and in the city of Maria Pinto.  

I am very tired it takes about 40 to 50 minutes to get to the main part of my sector on a bike. I had to walk about 15 minutes from the highway with bags so about 8 minutes walking normally. It is to the left of the highway heading north of Melipilla toward Bollenar. Elder Leyva has the same amount of time as Elder Argyle with 21 months in the mission. He is the 3rd companion from this group I have had. Elder Vasquez has 1 change less than them but Elder Correa, Argyle, and Leyva are all from a group of 30ish. It was bus most of the way but still a very long distance and I was very exhausted.

I am doing okay, but it is getting really cold now and being on a bike makes it even colder so it is going to be an interesting time. This house is a lot colder than my last one. I forgot to take pictures of the laundry room and of our apartment in Diego de Almagro but I did get a few of the outside of the building. I will send those. Or not.... I am back to computers that don`t allow me to send pictures.... It does appear like it will be a long time without pictures. I am assuming that I will be here a long time. Elder Leyva has 2 changes left so I will most likely stay with him until he finishes his mission in August and then I will get another companion after that and then leave either a change or two after that. So I am planning on another 3 or 4 changes here.

Thanks for everything and I am sadly out of time again.... Sorry things are going to be a long time here. Thanks for everything and I love you and thanks for all of the support. Sorry that I haven`t been able to say more. Thanks for everything. I love you and will talk to you next Monday. Thanks for all that you do.

I am glad you are there and can get settled.  Is the apartment nice?  I can send you some photos next week and you can give me an idea whereabouts you live.  It is interesting that you have had so many companions from this group.  So, Elder Leyva will probably finish out his mission in Bollenar, which means you won’t get to train for another two changes.  That makes me sad, but I know you are where the Lord needs you to be and you will have opportunities to serve in leadership throughout your life.  Enjoy this time.  I know you will be working hard as you ride your bike many, many miles in this area.  It will put those monster thighs to work.  I just hope they don’t grow so large you can’t fit in your pants anymore.  J  Smile and enjoy every minute.  Please try to take some photos this week.  At least one of you and your companion, one of the other elders in your apartment and I really need that special one of just you for Grandma’s chart.  Send one of your bikes as well and your apartment if you have time. 

It will be a great change for you.  They just recently made a new stake in your area.  The Talagante Stake and your branch is a part of that stake.  I know the missionaries have been working hard out here to get enough people converted to be able to make a new stake.

This is from Hermana Barreiros’ Facebook page on the 10 of May.  The attached photo is the new Stake Presidency.  I think it is exciting because they haven’t had a new stake in your area in a very long time.

Hoy dia 10 de Mayo, 2015 fue un día glorioso para la iglesia en Chile con la creacion de la estaca Talagante, Chile por Elder Jorge F. Zeballos acompañado por Elder José Batalla. La estaca Talagante empieza como una de las mas fuertes en Chile.
Presidente Loyola fue relevado como presidente del distrito y llamado para ser primer consejero de la misión Chile Santiago Oeste. El nuevo presidente de la estaca es presidente César Saez, Orlando Arancibia primer Consejero y Diego Loyola segundo consejero. Reconocemos la mano del Señor apresurando su obra.

Nowadays May 10, 2015 was a glorious day for the church in Chile with the creation of Talagante, Chile Stake by Elder Jorge F. Zeballos accompanied by Elder Joseph Battle. The stake Talagante starts as one of the strongest in Chile.  President Loyola was relieved as District President and called to be first counselor in the Chile Santiago West Mission . The new stake president is President Cesar Saez, with Orlando Arancibia as first Counselor and Diego Loyola as second counselor.  We recognize the hand of God rushing his work.

Ya I know thanks for everything. I can`t actually send you pictures.... The computers aren`t allowing me to right now..... I don`t understand why but it is like Lo Espejo again.... Bye.

I love you.  Stop worrying and enjoy your mission.  You may have to break down and mail me an SD card.  I promise to send it right back.  Have a great week.  You will love this area.  We love you so very much and we are so proud of you.

Love always and forever and ever,

Thanks I love you too. We will see how it goes thanks.

Other missionaries have been able to send lots of photos from Melipilla.  I have seen lots of that area from the past group of missionaries, so please figure out the photo thing.  It has to work somehow. 

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