Monday, May 4, 2015

Sore Feet & Photo of Elder Goode and Elder Argyle

I noticed that the Root Beer was a little lighter colored, but I didn´t stress. Right now Elder Argyle has some McCormick´s Root Beer Extract that his mom sent him. He got a package last Wednesday.

Things are going well. We have seen little progression this last week. Many plans fell through. We didn´t get to visit with Natalia and she didn´t come to church this week. We are doing all that we can.

Sounds like there is a lot going on at home and that everyone is doing well. I know how you feel about things. I have been fasting a lot these last couple weeks. We are doing our best and fasting that the Lord can help things along. I hope to have baptisms before I go, too, but so far we don´t have baptismal dates. We are looking hard and it was really cool yesterday because someone from our sector was able to regain his membership after nearly 4 years. We went to be supportive and we know his family really well. It was really great.

I was able to get a picture with my companion but I forgot to get one of just me for the family photos. We are still working more on the people to go this weekend. We are trying to get Carlos and Camila there but it hasn´t been easy we haven´t had contact with Carlos this week and Camila has been really busy and still hasn´t been able to have her interview so we are doing all that we can and we should be fine for 6 pm here so 3 pm in Utah.

Thank you for the picture.  You both look good, but you both look like you need to eat a little more.

I am sorry things have not gone as well for you with Natalia.  Keep praying.  Fasting does help a lot, but like you always say, the people still have their agency and Heavenly Father will not take it away from them.

Ya, that is very true. I am just doing what I can and trying to find those that are ready for the commitments necessary. It hasn´t been easy lately and has been a long time. My feet haven´t been doing so well lately and are hurting a lot but I have been trying to just keep working.

Are your shoes worn out?  Are you wearing one pair all the time or swapping them out?  Do I need to send you a new pair?  If so, which ones?

Are your socks worn out?  Do you need some Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles for your shoes?  What can I do to help you?

That is really cool that someone was able to regain his membership.  It was so awesome to watch my friend go through that forgiveness process and though she was not excommunicated it was still quite a process till she could partake of the sacrament and feel like she really belonged.  It was even more special when she got to go to the temple.  I hope you get to see that blessing with Carlos and Camilla and their families.

I am doing my best right now to help them but getting them into interviews for recommends has been a nightmare because we plan and plan and it falls through a lot.... We are trying to make things work. They know that we have it planned and we are trying to make it happen. Finding has been a little slow and we have just been trying to get into visit many people. I have been using the first pair for a long time, the Echo pair. And I have had insoles, but I need to find new ones. I am probably going to trash this pair soon. I try to use the Rockport´s on special occasions and focus on the Echo´s, because they are more comfortable and I have never used the boots.... My socks are starting to wear out but only a few. I am fairly okay in all actuality. Just that one of my big toes has gotten a little ingrown and I have been trying to get it figured out.... I have tried a few things, but nothing has been able to help me with it. My companion is grossed out by it so I have been working alone on it all and that is the main issue. I have permission to call the medic in the mission and see what they advise, but I am really stressed lately.

Yes, call the medic and go and get it treated.  Then buy some Hydrogen Peroxide to rub on it several times a day and see if you can find some Epson Salt.  They sell it in the pharmacy area.  It is bigger chunks of salt that you mix in a bucket or bowl of water and soak your toe in it.  Try to soak it every day for fifteen minutes.  When you can take your socks off and let the toe get lots of air.  Don’t pull your socks tight around that toe. 

Throw away the worn socks and use newer ones.  Do you want me to send more shoes and socks?  Can you find insoles there or do you want me to send some?

Are you getting blisters, sores, bunions, calluses or anything like that?  Do you need more moleskin to put on your feet or lotions or creams?  Tell me what you think you need to help resolve the problem.

I have plenty of moleskin and my feet are only slightly sore but I am doing fine mainly the ingrown toenail that is causing stress...

An ingrown toenail can hurt badly.  You need to get it cut out so the pain goes away and it will heal up.  Go as soon as you can and see the medic.

Do you still have one good pair of Echoes?  Start wearing them.  If one pair has lasted ten months the other one will last about that long and if you need to wear the Rockport’s a little more you can.  Switch off a little between the two pair.

What do you want me to send you to help with this problem?

I don´t know it is tender more than anything and I have been lightly bandaging it so that the black part of the sock doesn´t get in the skin because it has gotten a little worse and has cut part of the skin so it is better to keep it clean for me. I sleep without socks and I have been doing my best to keep it loose. I will try the other shoes. These ones are still working fine just that the insoles need changed again soon. I don´t know what I need. Epson Salt has not been something I have seen, but I will have to look hard. I have tried getting a cotton ball under the toenail to pull it back up, but I can´t and it hurts too much for me to deal with it on my own. I need to call the mission medic which is Sister McCain so that she can get it all figured out for me. They are serving in Republica. I tried to find her Sunday and didn´t see her, so it has been a little hard.

I am out of time. I am doing fine. I have been using the 12 pairs of socks that I have and I only have 1 hole in one of the 24 socks, so overall I am doing fine for now. Don´t worry about it for now. I just don´t know where to start fixing this.....

Okay.  Pray for help and keep trying to get hold of Sister McCain.  She will know how best to help you.  She has been trained to take care of this very thing.  It is like the most common problem with missionaries, so let her help you with it.  She will know where to find Epson Salt or something similar.  It makes me laugh that your companion is grossed out by a little sore toe.  The cotton ball under the toenail is actually a really good idea.

I love you so much.  Try to get it taken care of this week and tell me on Saturday how it is going.  I am so excited to see your face.  Thanks for the photo.  Please take more and send them to me during the week.  Surely you can think of your mother for a few minutes each week.

I love you Son.  Take care and I will pray for your toe to get better, for you to find more people to teach, for your investigators to keep their appointments and for so many, many other things for you.

Have a great time at the temple.
Love always and forever,

I know. Thanks and I will talk to you next week. I appreciate everything.

I know you do and I appreciate you.

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