Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Interesting Week!

Things are going well. It was an interesting week. Nobody had baptisms in the District this weekend. We only had the confirmation of Alexis. We weren´t able to baptize Yaresla, because she was at her dad´s and visiting the grandparents. We are working with her for the 19th of December now and to have her confirmed on the 20th. She is more willing for this date. She is really timid and we are working to help her overcome it. Her baptismal interview could be a problem if she acts timidly, but we are working towards that.

I don´t have a ton of new information. We are finding a lot of new people just finding other visits with them is the main problem. We found 11 new investigators last week, but we haven´t been able to get back in contact with the grand majority of the people. I will see what happens.

Don´t worry about the reunions. We have pouch tomorrow. So I don´t think that the packages are going to arrive before Christmas, unless they do pouch specially or it comes the week afterwards and I pick them up with the change meeting on the 16th of December when we meet together or on the 21st of December when we have our mission Christmas party. Everything depends and we will see what happens. 

Hi!  I am sorry your baptism didn’t work out, but you should be happy and proud of the work you are doing.  I am glad that Yaresla is still progressing.  Can you find some friends in the ward her age that can help her to feel more comfortable?  That is tough.  If she is really timid, she may not feel she fits in.  Maybe talk to the Young Women’s Leaders and see if they can take an interest in her and invite her to activities. 

I am glad you are increasing your teaching pool.  I hope you are able to schedule some return visits with some of them.  How is the family that had three baptized out of nine coming along and how is Lissette coming along?  Have you been able to teach any of them?

I did my best in getting the packages sent to you.  Sorry if you get them late.  I am sure the Office Elders will do their best to try to get packages to everyone before Christmas, even if it means some extra trips.  Have you put up any decorations from last year?  How are things coming on finding a new apartment? 

Yaresla is more scared of making friends than anything. She doesn´t like attention. She likes going and being close to her Mom. They are really close. We have set up appointments, but most of the time the return appointments fall through. The Acuña family is a challenge. They are the family of 9. They live far away. We taught Lissette once this week. She is receptive, just hard to run into. We are working to have her be baptized in a couple more weeks. We will see what happens. I haven´t put up decorations. I don´t have a lot of time. I still need to prepare my class for District Meeting tomorrow.... We have a Brother working on finding another apartment and we haven´t been able to find one yet.

The first two packages arrived in Chile today.  They have left the airport and should be to Customs by now.  I have no idea where the third package is.  It left Clearfield on Friday, but it hasn’t been scanned to report its progress.  It could be with the other two or anywhere between Clearfield and Chile.  I doubt if any of them will make it to you tomorrow, though you may get some letters and postcards.

Don´t worry about it. I am fine. Things are going great.

I wondered if Yaresla was very shy.  She seems that way in the photo you sent.  It will work out.  Pray for a miracle and the Lord will provide a way.  I hope you are able to baptize Lissette.  Is any of her family interested?  You said before that the father in the Acuna family had been coming to church.  Is he still coming? What area do they live in?

Maybe one of the ideas I sent will help you with your district meeting.  Do you have set lesson topics or do you use Personal Revelation to choose your topic?  What lesson topics have you taught them this change?

This is information for your Neumont Application and your Bank Information.  The Word Document and one PDF are the same.  Print one or the other and the other PDF.  Read them this week and write your answers down.  Next week on Pday, type the answers in an email to me or login to the Neumont Application and type the answers in there.  Please do this as soon as you can, so it is done before Christmas.  I will work on it some more this week and next.

Honestly what you have so far works well. I don´t have a lot of difference. I went to The Digital Media Arts Festival, but I never won anything. I was in FBLA briefly, but not very avidly.... I don´t have a lot more. You can put what you feel. I am very limited on my ability to help with this. I liked the basis of the stuff that you wrote. The most likely to change would be what I am doing for the mission. I don´t know about the paying bills. We just send them to the office... The majority of the other parts are a great basis. I haven´t been doing a ton of other things lately. The first question is mainly based on the constant use of technology and the shift in the world into a technological era. We depend on a lot of technology and I want to be able to help and aid in the progression of this process in the world. I want to be able to know and do the necessary things to help with these situations.

I don´t have a clue about many of these questions and most anything that is placed to me seems really great. I highly doubt that we need to go extreme over the application. As to what they told us last time that I applied they would have given me a full-ride if I had been able to attend, but I am on a mission so they gave me a lower one. I don´t think we need to stress a lot over this and just send them the basis of everything. Questions 1 and 2 are slightly odd for me. I don´t know if that is because I don´t speak English like I did before of if I am just crazy. 

Also I was wanting to find out more about working with the scouting training in the summer. Can you look into the details on what would be necessary and if they pay and how well etc. I would like to have a basis and a plan started to have in mind for when I come home as to what I want to do. I know that there are so many options, but I want to have an idea as to what I want to do mainly in order to have the vision for the future. 

Okay.  I guess I will tackle the application on my own this week.  I will send it again next week with the updates and you can tell me if I need to make changes before I submit it.  I am not sure when I will have time to work on it, but I will try to figure something out.

I will try to talk to some people about the training and find out what I can.  We have a ward party tonight, so maybe Brother Schultz will be there and I can find out a few things from him. 

Dad sold seven pigeons to a guy in Canada for $1500, so I probably won’t need to transfer the money from your account.  I should be able to cover everything at this time.  That will leave you a bit more money to work with for school.

I know don´t stress over it. Sorry that I can´t help a lot on the application. I know that if you send it the best that you can it will work out. I am not stressed over school. I don´t have any reason to be. Things are going to be fine. Thanks!

Hey Mom I am out of time. I´m sorry that I wasn´t able to get pictures this week. It wasn´t a week for pictures. Thanks for everything. I will get back to you on things. Just put everything the best that you can on the details and I will let you know about it. The first 2 questions on the application for Neumont are the only ones that seemed slightly odd to me. The others at the end seemed great unless you want to add something to them.

I love you! Thanks for all that you are doing! I will get back to you on what I come up with. Thanks!

I don´t have time to discuss it all. I know what I want to talk on and now it is just planning it out. The Acuña family lives in Esperanza. Near Padre Hurtado, but to the west. We are looking into it. Lissette´s Mom is open to talking and everything, but not really to sharing messages with us. Thanks, talk to you next week!

I will work over all of the questions and send it to you again next week.  If you think of anything I should add, let me know next week.  Be safe and Be Goode!  Remember all the things you have learned as you have grown up and in scouting and the church and you will be okay.  I love you and I think of you often, like every minute!  Have a wonderful week.

Love always and forever,

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