Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being a District Leader

Camila sent a message to me on Saturday, December 12th.  Sounds like great news for you.  You will get to go to the temple with them in March.  Congratulations.  I am happy for them and for you.  

Thank you so much. I actually wrote a card to send to her tomorrow when we have our change meeting. I appreciate all that you are doing for me. I can´t believe that the sisters from my group are home now. It is so strange and odd that everything is happening right now. We don´t have changes, my companion or I. We are staying for Christmas. I have not received any of the packages, not even the Thanksgiving one. Thanks for the updates and the photos of Taylor´s baptism. We have been having a couple frustrating weeks. We don´t have investigators progressing and Yaresla isn´t really sure of what she wants. We haven´t been able to have her attending church since her brother´s baptism. We are working on it, but she is really indifferent about everything and we can´t find a solution to help her change her behavior....

Hi.  You are on early today.  I wish I knew how to help you with Yaresla.  The only thing I can think of is to somehow get the Young Women to invite her to their meetings.  She won’t come if she doesn’t feel she has friends in the ward.  It is a big thing at that age and more so for girls than boys.

I am sorry about your packages.  That is frustrating that you haven’t even gotten the Thanksgiving package.  The tracking says it was delivered on December 1st.  Check with the office elders.  Maybe it is sitting in a corner somewhere.

I am glad you get to stay with your companion for Christmas.  That will be nice.  Are the two of you getting along well?  When is your change meeting? 

We have been invited to Hermana Tolk’s Homecoming Talk on Sunday.  Do you think we should go?  Did you get to know her very well?

I was in her first and last district. I was just barely her District Leader before she left yesterday. I would say that it would be a great experience for you and you could talk to her if about the mission and everything if you get the opportunity. If you are invited, why not?

Okay.  If the weather is not horrible, we will go.  We didn’t get any more snow last night.  We have 6 inches.  I talked to a guy this morning that said Bountiful got 2 feet and he had 18 inches in East Layton.  I am glad we get some where we live, but not as much as they do by the mountains.  I am sorry you are hot, but just enjoy it.

So one of the first two Christmas packages says it cleared customs this morning.  So I suspect the other one is still at customs.  It is frustrating that they are so slow this time and frustrating that you haven’t even gotten the Thanksgiving package.  It should have been delivered to you last week when you got pouch.  Have you received any post cards or letters through pouch?

I haven´t. Things are just little frustrating right now, but everything is going well. The hardest thing is finding people with a sector that is so large because of so much space. It is easier to find people when you have less space and are around the same areas all the time. I am doing really great, but I am out of time. Thank you for all that you do and we will let you know about how things go next week. We should be together my companion and I for Christmas, because we don´t have changes. I am out of time. I love you. Talk to you next week!

I love you, too.  Try to talk to the Office Elders and see if they can find your Thanksgiving package.  It is covered in pictures and quotes.  That one is a regular size package with all the stickers and stuff on top of the quotes.  Have a great week.  Don’t get discouraged.  You are there for a reason.  Be Happy.  Smile.  Be Goode!  I love you so very much.

Love always and forever,

Work hard to find some new investigators if the ones you have are not progressing.  You have a huge area.  I am sure the Lord has prepared some people for you to find in all of that area.  Keep praying and keep working hard to find them.  Talk to everyone you meet and ask everyone who feeds you if they have any friends or relatives you could visit and teach.  Maybe you could sing Christmas Carols on the street corner or at a park.  Be creative! 

You never told me if you were singing in the Christmas concert this year.  What happened with that? 

I applied and they haven´t done anything which makes me think that they aren´t doing one.

I didn’t get time to work on the Neumont Application this week.  I will try again this coming week.  Did you write anything for me? 

We had a big snowstorm today.  We got 6 inches.  SLC got 12.  The benches in Bountiful got 18.  It is supposed to snow again during the night and give us another 6 inches.  They made school a late start tomorrow.  They should have done that today for the Bountiful people.  They may cancel school if it is too bad.  We won’t know till morning.  I am hoping they do not cancel, because we will have to make it up during Spring Break. 

I think I forgot to tell you, but last week, Carter Flick got baptized and confirmed.  He has been attending church in another ward, the 1st Ward I think, but he got baptized and confirmed in our ward.  He is living with his grandparents next door.  I am happy for him.  He is running around with a great bunch of kids.  Dad talked to him a little after the meeting.  He didn’t know you were serving a mission.  He does now.  You will have to talk to him when you get home.

Your third package, the one with the glasses, cleared Customs in Chile today.  The other two have never reported that they did.  I hope they will all three be waiting for you when you have your change meeting this week.  Let me know.

I haven´t written anything for Neumont. Just work with it. My head is overly stressed lately. This last month and a half has really worn me down. There is a whole lot more stress being a District Leader. 

Enjoy the snow.... I have all of the heat and it is really hot here. 

That is awesome that Carter got baptized! I am happy for him. Let me know how things are going for him in the future. I am a little frustrated right now. I am trying to access my Skype account, but it won´t open, even though I know that I have everything correct... I am verifying everything so that we can have the Skype call on Christmas. We are looking at writing around 4 here which would be around 1 if I am correct.

What time is it right now there?

It is 10:12 right now. 

Okay right now we are at 2:22 so it is a 4 hour difference so it will be 12 when I do Skype. Sadly it won´t let me into my Skype account for The Microsoft entrance. Can you look into it and see if you can access my account?

Okay.  I will try to figure it out this week.  12 will work great for us for your Skype call.  I am excited to visit with you again.

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