Thursday, July 17, 2014

El Autobús!

Hermana Tolk's mother posted this photo on Facebook.  I was so happy to see Braxton's smiling face in the group.  Front row is Hermana Tolk, Hermana McQuinn and Hermana Kirkpatrick.  Braxton's companion, Elder Harrah, is to the right of him.  Behind them is Elder Bevan and Elder Christensen.  I don't know the rest of the Elders and Hermanas.  This is the bus that they ride on each day to go the ten minutes from Al Contara to the CCM and back.

One of the other missionaries said that they just got 40 more new missionaries at the CCM.  A few live at Al Contara and the rest live at the CCM living quarters.  The next two weeks will be a change for Braxton's district.  They will be out in the city  more doing contacting and working with the full time missionaries teaching lessons to real investigators.  It should be a nice change from the structured 12 hour school setting they have been in at the CCM.   

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