Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 5 - I'm a District Leader

Hey so this week has been really hard.... Two nights ago my District Leader told our District that he was going home to sort out some issues... It was really hard on all of us because he is so close to each of us... I spent a lot of time crying because he is so amazing and has been an example for me in so many ways. After he left President Doll called me out and asked me to be the District Leader for the last week in the CCM. It is going to be interesting and I didn't expect it to happen. They moved one of the other Elders into our District and had him be companion's with Elder Bevan since there would have been 2 companionships that would have 3 each so now there are 3 companionships with 2 each. It's hard adjusting and I know that Elder C will work hard and be back out here soon. He is amazing and will be back as soon as he can be. I am really overwhelmed lately by everything and seeing him go was really difficult. 

We haven't gone out to teach in the field yet that is for Wednesday and Friday. I can't tell you about it because I haven't had the opportunity yet and I'm excited for it. Elder Mertz is now part of my District so it should be good overall. There has been a lot of chaos and sickness lately. Many people are sick and I'm feeling under the weather again, but I'm doing just fine. I know that as I don't complain and go out and serve regardless of how awful I feel that the Lord will work through me and bless the people. I have learned a lot this week and Spanish is coming along great. Meetings on Sunday in Spanish weren't as bad as I expected. I can usually hear what people say and understand the meaning. I have gotten really good at reading Spanish and being able to pronounce it perfectly when I see it. I also have gotten a lot better at converting Spanish I read back into English.  

Things are good and I have a lot going this week and I wish I could email next week. It will probably be like the first day where I get to send one email saying that I made it out to the field. I will update you on as much as I can when I am out the first week. That next Preparation Day I will share everything that I can. Love you!



Here are 2 photos one of the missionaries leaving next Tuesday and the other of the missionaries living at Alcantara. The missionary couple on the front right of the picture with fewer missionaries is Elder and Hermana Gilbert. There live at Alcantara and take care of us. They are our 2nd set of parents. Their mission ends in 1 week. They go home the day that we go out into the field. I am so grateful for them and they have taken great care of us. They live in Washington state and they do so much. I figured I would share those experiences.
So here in the CCM I haven't found very much that I have needed so far. There have been a couple little things, but nothing that cost that much overall. I am considering buying a Scripture Case this week and they are 10 mil which is $20 so I am probably just going to get a case for my Book of Mormon. I haven't found any nice Spanish Scriptures that I want. They don't have any hard back and I can't find any Spanish Book of Mormon's that have tabs. I could get a Bible that has tabs but they don't sell them in Quads at all here. The nicer Spanish Book of Mormon is around $16-20 USD. I don't know what I honestly want. The scriptures that I have currently were. I don't really need much more but I am trying to find cases that will help me remember Chile and other things out here. It's really hard to find things though and 2 hours each week has made it really hard overall.
I can't wait to be out serving, but I'm going to miss all of my District and the other missionaries that came out with us. There are a lot of people I have gotten really close with. The work will be amazing and I'm not too worried overall. It's just a hard adjustment to speaking solely in Spanish all the time, like I'm going to have to do out in the field. I won't be able to fall back on English whenever I want. I don't know what will happen and for me that is normally a stressor, but I am leaving it up to the Lord and I know it will be just fine. Thanks for all that you do for me. Enjoy camping! I love you and let everyone know that I miss them. Love you!


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