Monday, February 9, 2015

Send Me As a Package!

I know I am doing my best to keep working the best that I can in the little time that there is. I am on a little earlier than normal today.
I have been reading and writing sorry.

Last night we finally finished the Book of Mormon! 

I am nearly finished for my second time during the mission. Here is a code of a person with records in decendency that are confusing for me. KHTD-XMW

Okay.  I will check on it.  Thanks for all you do with Family History.

I am trying but there isn´t enough time.....
This one as well. LJL2-R11
This one too. LJL2-RRT

How is your New Testament reading coming?  I started and I am partway through Matthew.  I cheated a little and listened to part of it while driving to Cache Valley.  I have also listened to some while riding the exercise bike.

I started Matthew on the 17 of January and now I am in the last chapter of Acts.

Wow!  You are reading fast.  I think maybe we will read the New Testament for a while as a family.  I don’t know.  We will have to decide tonight when it is time to start something. 

I am over halfway finished and I am marking things as I go. I am also in Ether right now. I am going to finish in a little bit longer and start again, but it has gone really well. It helps that I have structured study time.

Well, first off Jonathan had his interview with our Mission President this past Tuesday. Afterwards our mission president told us that we had done a great job finding and teaching him but that he can´t be baptized for 1 year so no we didn´t have our baptism..... Camila has her interview this Thursday at 8. We are still planning the baptismal service. But now at least Jonathan has the goals to be baptized. Jonathan has a 3 year old daughter and Camila doesn´t have kids. We taught 17 lessons this week and only 103 people at church, tons on vacations. Many on spiritual vacations as well..... Yes the package arrived thank you! It has been great. No I haven´t cooked yet. I will this week because the Family Home Evening fell through last week. Elder Correa and I have had our little arguments but we are doing really well right now. Everything is great.

I know what I am going to cook. Don´t worry about it and thanks for everything. I have been practicing cooking lately. We have Camila’s baptism planned for the 14th of February. No we don´t have other baptismal dates planned right now. We are doing our email earlier to get to other things this week. We need to go get our hair cut as well....

Carlos decided that he wanted to send me as a package...... It was an interesting experience.
There are other photos, but I don´t think that I have time to send them all.

Is your email time short again today?

From now on it is only 1 hour.

Jonathan is the one in Pink. We had a Family Home Evening in his home with some members. It was really good. Also, I am out of time. Sorry. It is going to be harder for me to send things, but I am doing my best. Thanks for everything.

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