Monday, April 27, 2015

Teaching Natalia

Sounds like a pretty hectic week. Things went pretty well this week. We are getting in contact with Natalia a lot more than before. We hadn´t had lessons with her in over 2 months and we had a couple with her this week to help her receive her testimony of the gospel. She has attended many times and we are working hard now to help her. We shared yesterday a lot about Joseph Smith and she told us that she hasn´t gotten her answer clearly ever about that so we invited her to try again and she accepted. I am really hopeful for her and doing everything I can right now to help them.

We have been doing well. The week was great. We had a few more lessons, but still not as many as hoped for. We are preparing all of the recent converts to go to the temple as a zone on the 9th of May. We are working to make sure all that can go actually do. I am really excited.

I went through my camera here and I don´t have a photo of Elder Argyle and I together yet. Sorry it slipped my mind I will see about getting one and sending it when I can. Sounds like everything is going well and that everyone is enjoying what they are doing right now.

The Zone photo you sent didn’t come through.  I only got the top third of it.  Send that one again please.  Did you take photos when you were at the temple?  Send me any photos.  I just want to see your beautiful face.

I am glad things are going well with Natalia.  Keep praying for her and I will, too.  How are things with Daniel and Catarin?

Do you have any details about your Mother’s Day call?

It will be good for you to go to the temple again.  I assume you are doing baptisms.   Will Carlos and Soley go?  What about Camila and Guillermo?  Do you need any family names for that day?

Have you been in contact with Rodrigo and Carolina, the Catholic Family?

Tell us about Daniel’s birthday.  What did you do?  What did you give him?

My companion and I decided that we want to do it at 6 pm here which is 3 pm there on Saturday, but that might change by our temple trip. They haven´t updated us on that yet, for the hours. So for now can we plan on that and I will let you know next week if we need to change it or what. Thanks and I am doing my best to get the details. Thanks for all of the support.

We haven´t had a lesson with Daniel in 2 weeks because he hasn´t had time and we haven´t been able to get in contact with Catarin. We are always doing more and looking for more people who are ready to progress. 

Saturday night will be fine for the call.  We will plan on that and we are flexible with the time.  It will be fun to hear about your temple trip.  Take photos while you are there.

I hope you are able to meet with Daniel and Catarin.  I am sure it is discouraging when the lessons don’t work out and when you can’t get in contact with them.  It is hard to know if they are still interested or if they are just busy.  Some weeks are very busy for us, so I can see how that would be a big problem for you.  I am hoping this week is less busy than last week.

Are you healthy and happy?  Do you need anything?  Do you want anything?  Tell me a favorite snack that you have missed having.

Do you have any conferences this transfer?

I am fine and everything. I honestly don´t know what I am missing, to tell you the truth. Just general things. Sometimes I wish that the food had more flavor, but Chilean cuisine is different, but good. I don´t know. I have been pretty happy with the things you have been sending. I don´t know.  I am always missing cheese, at least cheddar and other types. Little things, but that´s normal. I don´t know about conferences. They haven´t told us of any yet and we don´t really have a planned calendar, so we will have to see about that.

Cheese is one thing I wish I could send, but I worry about it spoiling.  If it were just the 11 days it takes to go from here to Chile, I would send some, but it usually takes another two to three weeks before you get the package.  I could send powdered cheese, but that is just not the same.  Grandma Goode sent Dad cheese all the time, but he got it within a week.  I did read something the other day about dipping cheese in cheese wax and being able to preserve it.  That has me curious.  I may check into it further.  I would love to have cheese in our food storage for emergencies.

What did you give Daniel for his birthday?

He really like the Christus statue and other things. It was really good and we made cake and other things. It was really nice. I´m fine without cheese, but just some of the usual things that I like. I have been able to find some chips and salsa here, but other things are nice. Don´t stress too much. Anything that comes is nice and you spoil me a lot anyway.

Yes, I do spoil you a lot.  I hope you know you are loved.  Don’t ever forget that and when you are discouraged, just think, “My Mother loves me!”  That has to make everything better!  LOL   I look forward to doing fun things for you.  You are my last missionary, so it is okay if I spoil you a lot. 

I am glad you have found some chips and salsa.  I thought of you the other day when I was cleaning out the fridge and found a half jar of salsa in the fridge.  If you were home, that would not be there and there would be no bags of chips on the shelf downstairs.  Clain has been eating your popcorn and his root beer floats.  He has gone through three big containers of cheese balls lately and he is working on a big container of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.  He is always snacking, but he eats different snacks than you like. 

Did you know that Daniel lived just four miles from Adam-Ondi-Ahman?  Have him tell you about it sometime when you are walking or waiting.  I would love to visit there someday.  Maybe after you get home we could go on a Church History Vacation.  Everyone else wants to go to Disneyland or up the Oregon coast again.  Where would you like to go?

I don´t know. Daniel has mentioned wanting to go to Utah, to college so I might be able to meet up with him and we will have to see how things go. He has mentioned where he lived and other details. We talk a lot and things are really great.

I am out of time sorry about that. I hope that this week goes really well and thanks for the update on everything. I am glad that everyone is doing well. That makes me happy. 

I love you Son.  I wish you had more time each week.  I miss working on the Family History stuff with you.  Have an awesome week.  You are always in my prayers.  Be Goode!

Love always and forever,


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