Monday, July 13, 2015

Lots of Photos

Sounds like everyone had a great time camping. I am doing really well. My cold is lessening since it rained and most of my allergies are gone. I am doing well and asthma isn´t too bad and cold is almost gone, but it might come back with the rain. The house is always cold and we have electric heaters, but we have an electricity limit with our breaker and 4 missionaries, so it is difficult. We haven´t gotten bikes and I have stopped hoping for them and we have few issues with bikes. This week my companion´s tire went flat once and other than that minor things. I forgot to tell you that I crashed my bike twice last week, but I am fine. The second crash was worse and I tore a pair of pants.... They aren´t usable now. The thing I might lack more than anything are normal work slacks that aren´t part of my suits. I don´t like using the suit pants a lot and use others, but I can get by without if I need to. 

Exchanges went fine. I was with Elder Ludeman Tuesday in his sector that is bigger than mine and they can only use buses to work and I am with him today as well as Wednesday I will be. Tomorrow I have my 1 year lunch with Elder Harrah and will be staying with him tonight and doing lots of changes around the area. We met a family in Maria Pinto on Saturday that are really great and we are slowly getting progress with reading with investigators. We just haven´t gotten them to church. 

Church was bad. I got assigned a talk Saturday night and gave it on Sunday. It went really well. I chose to talk about the Fall and The Atonement sharing my experience from last week on Thursday when I fell and it applied so well to the Doctrines. I also teach Gospel Principles every week, but nobody came that goes to that class this week. The attendance was 20 this week. Like I said it would be low without anyone from our sector coming to have numbers. (Due to the time change from noon to 10:00 a.m.)  Things are a little difficult right now. 

Overall I am doing well and today I have a computer to send pictures, so I will be sending them with the time that I have left. Sorry that I haven´t written more, but it is going to be a very hectic and stressful week. I love you!

Elder Orozco´s Birthday!

Aji de Gallina. Peruvian food made by a sister in our sector for lunch from Perú.

Close up of Aji de Gallina

Division´s last change with Elder Harrah!

One of our investigators has a parrot!

In Elder Ludeman´s sector on a hill contacting people. Gigantic and only a portion of what they have.

Pictures with just the waterfall.

I enjoyed the sunset so here it is for you.

We have a waterfall in Maria Pinto!

Division with Elder Bello! Elder Bello knows Kelton because he left with the missionaries and is from Curitba where Kelton served. They are friends and it was awesome spending time with him.

Elder Bello was really enjoying his first and only day so far on bikes in the mission. We took several pictures and he is now in his 3rd change or just after his training time.

My last district with a special change of Elder Vasquez for Elder Vargas. Other than that it was my district.

My time is up for the day I hope that that helps a little with pictures and I will look for more pictures this week. Thanks for everything and my district right now has the Zone Leaders, Elder Cummings and Elder Parker. My companion and I. Elder Brophy and Elder Lozano. Elder Brophy is training Elder Lozano. Hermana Campbell and Hermana Pino and Hermana Campbell is in her last change as well. That is a brief update on my district that changed entirely since last change and Elder Harrah is a District Leader now if I hadn´t told you yet. Thanks for everything and I´ll talk to you next week! Love you all! 

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