Saturday, July 25, 2015

One Year Anniversary Luncheon

I had my 1 year lunch in the mission last Tuesday it went really well. Here is a picture from the lunch.

Lunch was great we had enchiladas. It was nice to have Mexican food. We had a reunion that was based mainly on reflection and progress and goals to improve in the next year. Things went really nicely and it was enjoyable but it was very odd.... It doesn`t seem like so much time has gone by so quickly. We haven`t had a ton of success lately. The attendance went up to 33 from 20 last week, but I still have a whole lot more to do. I am overhauling my bike right now so that is going to be a little expensive. There are some parts that I am changing out. I doubt they will ever get us new bikes, so I am doing what is necessary right now to keep going and improving everything. I will write a little more in a bit, but I have a couple things to do before.

Sounds like everyone is doing well. I hope that you enjoy everything. I am fairly certain that I remember Ben, but it is hazy right now trying to remember everything. I am doing well it has been a very interesting week and we still don`t have baptismal dates or investigators attending. We are working to find the miracles that the Lord has lined up right now, because we are running out of time to baptize... We have several potential baptisms that are lacking a little in their desires to be baptized and commit to doing everything, but this week we are going to have success.

Thanks for all of the support I still have 15 minutes if you manage to write something. I am basically done, but I can`t send pictures from the computer that I have other than those that are available through emails that I already have.... Thanks for all that you do and I don`t need anything else right now. I will probably end up converting my pair of pants into rags that is torn or something along those lines. I also have one that has come unhemmed, but I haven`t had time to hem it again. I am so busy. I spent 2 hours today doing bike maintenance and found many problems with my bike that I sent it into a shop to fix, because I don`t have the parts and I did all the repairs possible this morning.

Things are going well. The mission changed the goals awhile back to 20 lessons a week only with investigators and recent converts. The lessons don`t count if they are with less actives. Our Mission President feels like some missionaries are turning into Home Teachers only working with less actives so the goal is less actives with potential to baptize. We are working on baptizing like crazy and helping the less actives where possible, but we can`t devote a lot of time to them. We only had 14 lessons this week and last week we had 15, but things are going well. We still have a ton of work to do and little time to accomplish it. I am down to 10 minutes now.

Hi!  If you need to use some of your money to fix the bike there should be plenty in your account. That will make life better for you, especially if you stay there for a while. Do the slacks you took still fit well, because I bought the new ones the same size?

I have a belt that I have been adding new holes to but I need to add some more holes. If the pants are the same size I will be fine. I am getting skinnier.... I have lost weight a couple weeks ago I was around 180 pounds or 82.5 kilograms and last week I was at 80 kilograms or about 175 pounds. I haven`t gained weight and might lose more, but I am doing great. Don`t stress. I know that I have money available. I am frugal and I don`t run out of money, plus here they give us extra for the bikes from the mission. I have 45.000 to take out today. It is around 80 dollars. I am doing fine and have plenty. I don`t think I will be pulling out personal money for a while. Maybe before I come home. I only have a minute so I will be quick.

How were the cheese sticks I sent?  Do you want more of them?  Tell me more about your companion and what was interesting this week. Tell me about the people you are teaching. What do they do for a living?  If they are farmers don't they get up and start work early. Why is it so hard for the people to get to church?

Many people work temporarily picking lemons which they work in the afternoon to export and in avocado harvests and other things. There are many forms of farming and other industries. Many people leave our sector to work in Melipilla and other areas. Things are going well and because on the weekend there isn`t transportation. Chileans have a custom of sleeping in on the weekends.... So many don`t work Sundays and there isn`t transportation to get to church so many don`t go and it is very difficult waiting more than 1 hour is common to get to church for the people on Sundays....

Grandma, Kathy and Makayla said to tell you hi. I talked to Makayla on FaceTime Sunday.  

That`s great tell everyone hi and to enjoy there camping time. I have to go. I love you! Thanks for everything. Talk to you next week!

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