Monday, July 27, 2015

Isabel and Julio

Bike repairs helped, but the bike still doesn´t go nearly as fast as I want. I really have been enjoying the shredded beet and carrot salads that I have had with lemon juice in them. Beets are great. I don´t really like prebre that much. I don´t usually eat it. It is still cold and no people aren´t on vacation. They just make excuses not to go, because it is winter....

Braxton likes this salad made with shredded beats and carrots.  

Braxton does not like this dish called Prebre made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and peppers.  It is a type of salsa served with meat.

My companion Elder Leyva is a convert from around 3 years ago and he is going to go to his new house, because his family moved. He is the only member in the family and will probably be working and dating until he can pay for the final cooking tests for his degree for the 2 years that he has studied. Then he is looking into another line of studies. He also is going to be helping his family to be baptized. My companion is past trunky. He knows how many hours he has left.... Things are good he is still working hard and we are working toward having at least 1 baptism before he goes home. We had 16 lessons after the change of the levels of excellence in the mission to 20 lessons a week and we found 9 new investigators this week. We had a couple that attended for the first time yesterday. They need more help, but we are going to visit them today and invite them to accept a baptismal date. They accepted the idea of baptism, but not the date when we extended it before.

We had zone conference last Thursday so the pictures will probably show up soon. I don´t have a clue what will happen with changes and I don´t want to start guessing. I am just going to keep working until the changes come to be focused on baptizing in the 2 weeks that we have left.

I am doing well. A little bit of a cold, but allergies are on and off. They go down when it rains and then come back. Rain is on and off. My asthma is doing fairly well and only acts up when I push really hard biking and everything and I am using my inhalers and having my emergency inhaler with me to help. I hope that this answers that majority of your questions.

You should ask Carlos and Soley for their new direction. They moved to Pajaritos in 5 de Abril. You can send this phrase to them and they should respond. "¿Por adonde están viviendo ahorra? Por favor avisa nos para notificar a Elder Goode. El quiere enviarles cartas pero no sabe adonde enviarles." They should understand this and send you their new direction. If you can find out where it is I can use the mission maps to find out what sector to send them cards. Thanks Mom I love you!

Hi Braxton!  If you go faster on the bike, there is more chance you will crash!  Slow and steady wins the race. 
Thanks for the answers.  I appreciate it.  Now how about some stories and experiences.  Tell us about the people you are teaching.  You said couple.  Are they married?
I will send a message to Soley with your Spanish.  Thanks.

Yes, they are married and we have been visiting them for several weeks and they came finally. They are Isabel and Julio. I didn´t tell you about them, but last change Julio had a stroke or something along those lines supposedly. They are normal, because he had a tumor in his head and it has grown back. They have many difficulties and we are working hard with them. We are going to invite them to be baptized again today. I was visiting Isabel and Julio the day I had divisions with Elder Harrah and Julio had a stroke or something along those lines and we gave him a blessing and he has been improving a lot. We are doing really well and we have seen many miracles this week and things are going really well. Thanks for all of the support. We are finding many amazing people to help be baptized quickly and we are doing great. I don´t think I can send pictures this week and I only have 2 more minutes.

I will pray for your success with Isabel and Julio.  There is never enough time to hear from you.  I miss our long talks.  Keep working hard and know that you are loved and missed.  Have a super, awesome, fantastic, amazing, successful week.  I love you so very much and I am so very proud of you. 

Love always and forever,

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