Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Transfers - Staying in Bollenar with twice as much work!

Well pictures didn`t really happen and I haven`t found anyone to change the lenses yet.... I am doing great and I will see if I can get them changed. If not, I will just use them and send the others that are my real prescription. Thanks for everything. I am on now if you get a chance and I will be responding to everything and yes our Preparation Days are going to be Tuesdays from now on.

Hi Bud. I am on. Tell me what has been going on. Just send the broken glassess home today if you have time. It took about five days for them to fix my glasses and return them.  I sent mine in because one lens was scratched. It will just take time to mail them back and forth. 

I am doing really well. They sent me back to Bollenar, but joined the sectors. I am companions with Elder Cardona and we have all of Bollenar from Rumay to Bollenar out to Santa Teresa all of Chorombo and Ibacache. Las Mercedes, Los Rulos, Isla de Rojas, El Rosario, Maria Pinto and Baracaldo and it is a lot of work and we have tons of people and not enough time. We are focusing on the people who are closer and have more potential to act and be baptized. Things are great and it is crazy that we have already gone through another week. I am really excited even though we weren`t able to have Isabel`s baptism this week, but we are going to see what we can do to make it happen this weekend. I will just send the glasses then because the difference in the prescription hasn`t been bothering me. I am doing well and am almost through writing the majority of the people who have written me, but I still need to do a couple other things as well. I am doing well and still no pictures.... I checked and this computer is against me as well... Sorry...

I thought that was where you would end up. Good and bad to it, but you will make the best of it and be successful. 

Tell me about your companion, district, zone and bike. Are you sleeping in the same bed? Where was Elder Cardona before?  


 Zone Leaders for the Talagante Zone
that was combined with the Melipilla Zone

Elder Goode's New District in Melipilla
August 11, 2015

Elder Cardona lived with me for 1 change and was in the other half. We just joined. Elder Cardona is District Leader and they joined the zones Talagante and Melipilla. There are 5 companionships in Melipilla and many others in Talagante. The zone leaders are Elder Robles and Elder Mendoza. They are in Talagante and they are both Chileans. Elder Cardona and I both went to lower bunks in the house and I switched to Elder Leyva`s bike, but I am making adjustments to it right now. Our District has us, Elder Ortiz and Elder Bello, and Hermana Erthal and Hermana Durfee. Elder Ortiz and Elder Bello are in Melipilla 2.3 and Hermana Erthal and Hermana Durfee are in El Monte 2. 

Elder Cardona is from Los Angeles, California and his Dad is from El Salvador. His Mom is from Guatemala, but he was born in California. 

Ok.  I looked at your blog and Elder Cardona arrived at the end of June so he already knows half of your new sector and you know the other half so you should be great.  Did Elder Cardona and Bush have people close to being ready for baptism?  Are you using a better bike now?  Why did they make you pack up if they were going to send you right back to the same house?

I don`t know it wasn`t well planned and it was frustrating for me as well. Elder Cardona was with Elder Orozco before not Elder Brush.

Okay.  I will read through the blog again later tonight and pull up his photo on the Mission Christmas card.  I don’t have my laptop here at work today and that is where it is saved.  Did they make Elder Cardona pack up also?  Why are you using Elder Leyva’s bike?  I thought Elder Cardona and Elder Orozco both had new bikes.
How long has Elder Cardona been out on his mission?  Did the mission get very many new missionaries in this transfer?  It looked like 29 or 30 went home. 

The mission got 18 new missionaries and Elder Cardona didn`t get told that he had changes just me. Elder Cardona`s bike that he used is bad condition like mine was. He took Elder Orozco`s bike and I took Elder Leyva`s which was faster and in better shape, so things are going great. Elder Cardona has been out 18 months and will go home with Elder Chuquel, but is going home early to start his college studies. 

I am glad you will have a faster bike.  You will need it with all of that area to cover.  That is huge!  Just be careful and try not to crash as you speed down the road. 

Is Elder Chuqel in the office now?  I saw one photo that made me think he was, but then there was a post last night about Hermana Barreiros birthday and the office elders were singing to her and Elder Chuquel was not with them. 

Do you and Elder Cardona get along well?  What kind of food does he like to eat having three different heritages to draw from?

Where did Elder Ludeman end up?  Is he still doing okay?
Elder Harrah became a Zone leader this time, but I don’t know which Zone.  I think that is exciting for him and I was thinking about it the other night and the thought that came to me is that this opportunity for him to be a leader while on his mission will probably help him to be a stronger member when he gets back home. He needs to go home and be a strong influence on his family and being a mission leader will help him to do that.  I hope you don’t feel bad that you are not yet serving as a mission leader or training.  I still think your opportunity will come, but maybe there are those who need it more than you do.  You have already grown up in a strong family and had leadership opportunities in the Young Men’s program and in Scouting.  We know you will have many more leadership opportunities in the future, so maybe you don’t need to have them while on your mission as much as some others might need them.

I saw that Elder Argyle was able to have two baptisms before he went home.  I was happy for him.  One was a young girl and the other was a young boy, maybe around 12 or 13 each.  He looked so happy in the photos.    

Elder Ludeman is in Olimpo in Rinconada. I saw the picture of the young boy with Elder Argyle, but not the girl. The boy is named Gabriel. I am happy for him, too.

Does it look like you will have some success in your area this transfer?  It would be nice for you to have some more baptisms.  Who are you teaching and are they attending church?  Who can we pray for?

Do you think you will be able to send the glasses today?  Did you get your package yet?

Yes, but I am out of time and need to go thanks and I know. Love you.

I love you, too.  Have a Marvelous & Magnificent Week!!   M&M Power!!!
Remember who you are and Be Goode!!!
Love always and forever and ever,

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