Monday, August 3, 2015

Change is Good!

Hey mom, can I get the exact direction of the house of Carlos and Soley? If you get it to me I can send in a reference to the office and they can send it to the other mission. I need the address exactly so that the missionaries show up.

I sent a Facebook Message to Soley asking for it, but I haven’t heard back from her yet.  I will send it to you as soon as I get it.

I am doing well and it sounds like a chaotic week. Things are going well. Isabel and Julio attended and we are working towards a baptismal date for this weekend. We have invited them 3 times and they haven`t accepted yet.... They are fairly stubborn and we are doing our best. They still aren`t sure that they have received their answers yet....

At least they had enough faith to attend church. That is a start. 

I know. Thanks for everything. We are doing great and I don`t have a clue what will happen next week with changes, but I will do my best to keep you updated.

Change is good.  You know for sure that you are getting a new companion.  At least you are not in the dark on one thing.  I am sure President Barreiros is praying for help to make the right decisions with the changes.  Just remember that the Lord has a plan and it will work out for good to help those you are supposed to touch.  I am grateful you were able to give Julio a blessing.  I am sure that has helped to increase his faith in Jesus Christ. You will not see the effects of so much of what you have done and what you will do.  But every contact will influence people and make a difference in their lives.  You are doing a great work!  I am proud of you. 

If you can`t get the address of them, give them the church direction and that church starts at 10 am. I don`t have contact with Carlos and Soley. If you can tell them where and when they can go to church. Tell them that this is the information for their ward.

"Pedro de Cordova, 5810 es la direccion de la capilla adonde deben ir ustedes. Las reuniones comienzan a las 10 y si ustedes hablan con los misioneros por allí, digales que Carlos es un converso reciente y darles su direccion. Si lo hacen asi van a venir los misioneros para visitarles al igual pueden pedir que vienen a visitarles. Cuando ustedes estan preparando para ir al templo envia un mensaje a mi madre y ella va a visarme con los datos para que puedo pedir permiso a ir junto con ustedes. Si lo envian exactamente asi voy a verles. No tengo forma a enviarles cartas porque su barrio pertenece a un otro misión y esta un poco complicado. Gracias por ser tan buenos y les extraño mucho. Me preocupo mucho por ustedes."

The letter I just sent should work to send to them. This should help them to have their answers about what to do and they should end up at church. I am really worried about them. I know that I need to keep in contact and do all that I can. Thanks so much for all that you do. Sorry that I haven`t written much and most of everything is focused on Carlos and Soley.....

I know you worry about them.  They are an important reason why you are in Chile.   It is okay.  Are you out of time already?
Okay.  I will send that.  From her first message, it sounded like she knew which ward she was in, but maybe not. 

From how it sounded to me I was a little concerned. I want to try to be sure that they are attending and working towards the temple. They were doing amazingly until they moved and the change could cause a loss of connection, so I want to be sure that they know, so they can be progressing.

Can your Mission’s Simi Squad contact the North mission and let them know they have moved to that area so the membership records get moved?

Yes, but I need their direction to make it even easier. If you get it to me next week I will send in the reference.

Okay.  I will try.  It took a few days before she replied last time. 

Photos today?  I need photos.  Hermana Barreiros has not posted any of your Zone Conference.  I keep checking, but none so far.  When I post photos of you, people read your blog.  The last time, over 150 people read it.  On a typical week, about a dozen read it.  So . . .  send photos!  And tell me more experiences and miracles and bear your testimony.  Your blog is a way to help people as well.  

I am out of time I love you and will talk to you next week about the changes and what is happening. Thanks I love you!

Have a super, amazing, awesome week.  We love you so much and we are so very proud of you!  Be Goode!

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