Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Edifying Week

I received this photo from Sandra Gold Dominguez.  She and her husband, went to Chile to pick up their daughter Hermana Kelsey Dominguez when she finished her mission.  She took this photo of Braxton at their Change Meeting.  I was so happy to receive it.  He looks so happy and excited to be serving a mission. 

Photos taken at two of the luncheons held for the missionaries in past months.  The top one is more recent, when he was companions with Elder Leyva, who is sitting to Braxton's right.  The bottom one would have been back in January or February when he was companions with Elder Argyle, who is sitting to his left.  Hermana Barreiros posted these recently.

Things didn`t work out with the baptism. Her Husband`s health is deteriorating and she stresses so much about him that things don`t happen. We are working towards her baptism later on. Things are going really well and this week went amazingly well. The work is coming along. We had Branch Conference this Sunday and the attendance went up to 53 with Stake Leaders, but things are going to continue progressing. We have an investigator that has a baptismal date for the 6th of September. Her name is Antonella and her family are inactive members. She wants to be baptized and her Dad came with her to church this Sunday. We are strengthening the family so that they all return and stay strong in the Gospel. We are working with a lot of people that live closer to Bollenar and helping many return to activity and others remain in activity. We had 7 less-active members attending with 2 of our 3 retention at church and with 1 investigators with baptismal date, things are improving a lot. I am doing really well and things have improved a lot.

Do you by chance have Soley or Carlos´ email addresses? Because I couldn`t write them before because they were living within the mission. But now I can because they are living outside of the mission boundaries. So if you can get me their email things will be much better. 

Hi Braxton.  You are on later than usual today.  I am glad things are going well.  I am sorry about your baptism, but I do understand.  Moms are like that putting their families first before themselves and their own needs.  Is there any hope that his health will improve?

Please go back and answer my questions from the previous email.  I put them at the top of the email.
I do not have Soley’s or Carlos’s email address or their street address.  Curtis was going to try to write to them and see if he could get the street address.  I have only communicated with them on Facebook, but I will write to her again this week and see if she will respond.  She did not respond to my last two messages.  I did not write to Carlos, but I could try that as well.

Okay, things are fine and I have not been able to send my glasses and I forgot them in the house this morning because we were really rushed because my companion had to go the Temple and we had to do divisions and everything and I missed grabbing them today. When does the warranty expire on my glasses? I feel rushed and stressed, but things are calm and I just would like to know if this is an urgent issue against time or if I can be calm about it and get around to it. I am sorry I haven`t been good on pictures. It has been an extremely long but very edifying week and probably one of the most important weeks in my life and I am doing really well. Things are changing here in Bollenar and the work has changed entirely and we are having results like never before and I am very happy. Thanks for all that you do and I know that I haven`t written a lot and I am trying. You should be used to it by now. At least I am good about writing and getting in a decent amount of information. The work is amazing and I am loving it and being with Elder Cardona is amazing. All of our problems have been resolved and it is the most calming change that I imagine I will have in my mission.

Thanks for everything! Yes the pants are amazing and are fitting just fine even though I keep having to tighten my belt. Thanks for all the support and prayers. They are working miracles in the Lord`s work. Have faith and show it through good works and the Lord will show unto all men miracles.
Sorry to not have more time. There were many important conversations today and not enough time for everything, but I love you and will write next week. Don`t stress so much things will be fine. 

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