Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Investigators

It has been a long week. We talked with tons of people this week. We were able to teach many new people and we are seeing many miracles. My primary interests in people you could pray for are Nicolas Castro and David Farius they are two young men one 16 and the other 19 who are investigating now. The mom of Nicolas is inactive and it is David´s sister. So they have family that are members that we are starting to work with. The Lord is providing the way to get into their hearts. We are working to baptize them the 31st of October and have them get confirmed on the 1st of November. They need to attend this Sunday and the next one and get baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. We also need to finish all of the missionary lessons. I feel like this will be my last change in Bollenar. I have 3 weeks to pull off the last miracles here. If I don`t have investigators attending, then I won`t baptize this month. We haven`t had investigators attending, but The Hormazabal Family is activating. The parents went to church this Sunday and their daughter that we baptized didn`t want to go, but they still came. It was amazing and I feel great about this success. It is hard in a Branch to add new people because many times they don`t feel comfortable, especially in small branches and wards. We are working with a lot of other people that we have met and contacted, but we are pushing for so much and I have to be really patient in the work, something that I am still working on. I have improved a lot but there are my moments of pride and frustration... Things are going really well. I am happy and just trying to make a difference and many people have been affected by what I have been trying to do. Thanks for the support I love you so much.

Hello.  I am happy you have found some possible candidates for baptism.  I hope that they will attend so that your dreams will work out.  Don’t get frustrated.  Patience is a hard virtue to work on, because you have to experience trials in order to improve.  We will pray for Nicolas and David and for the Hormazabal Family.  How are the couple you mentioned last week coming along?

We haven`t been able to visit them, because Walter works so much. It makes it really hard for them to progress. We have been doing our best to try focusing on fewer people that have more potential to be baptized. We used almost all last week finding people and now we are trying to visit them more and prepare them quickly so that they can be baptized. There is so much to do and with a sector that is so large it really makes it hard to focus on key people and their progress. There is so much to do and I always want to do more, but I can`t sometimes... I am working on my patience, because I really need to focus in on some people and do all that I can for them.

You are always too hard on yourself.  I hope you are enjoying the work and not stressing all the time.  Do you and your companion have fun during the day?  Are you smiling and laughing and being happy? 

I got your glasses finally and I have ordered a new pair.  They were still under warranty. 

I mailed two packages to you.  They cleared Customs today, so it is possible you may get them this week or next in your District Meeting.  Where do you have to go for District Meeting?  You take the bus, right?  Do you walk from the bus back to your home?  One package was 15 pounds and the other 10.  Sorry.  They will be heavy to carry very far. I hope you enjoy them for your birthday.  Yes, you can open them early if you want or you can wait till your actual birthday, or open some and save some.  There are lots of pictures from Taylor and Alex.  Please take some photos of your birthday celebration.

I did get a few more photos on Sunday from Ulices.  Most were the ones I already had, but there were a few more new ones.  There were none of your latest baptism.  Did you take any on that day.  There are lots of blurry ones.  Do you know to hold the shutter down halfway so that it focuses and then push the rest of the way to take the photo?    

I wanted to share another thing from Fast and Testimony Meeting.  John and Jennifer Smith live across the street from us.  Their youngest son, Hyrum, was born with lots of health issues.  One of those was that he had no ear canal on his right ear and his ear was small and misshapen.  They recently took Hyrum to California where two specialists did surgery on Hyrum to create an ear canal and all the inside connections in his ear and to add to his outer ear to make it more normal size, shape and appearance.  I have been following their story on Facebook, so I had read of their miracle, but Jennifer bore her testimony about it Sunday.  She talked of how Jesus Christ used the Priesthood to heal people when he was on the earth.  She said they had experienced a healing, but it was through modern day medicine, which she feels is inspired of God.  She said one afternoon a week or so after the surgery, they were driving in the car in California.  Hyrum said he had heard a pop in his ear and now he could hear out of his ear.  She said she was so happy for him and to be able to witness this modern day miracle in their lives, one of many that they have had with Hyrum’s health.  It has made me think about all the many ways that our Heavenly Father is inspiring miracles in our lives and on the earth at this time.  Medicine is just one of the many places where miracles are seen regularly and though they do not all come through Priesthood Power, they do all come from God. 

Thanks I love you talk to you next week!

I love you, too.  Be Goode and Be Happy!

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