Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Braxton!

I hope you have had a magnificent week and a fabulous 20th birthday! 
Love always and forever,

I am fairly exhausted we have started moving to Melipilla from Bollenar and we will be finishing everything tomorrow. My bags are all packed and ready to come. I am doing well. Yes, I got the packages. Holidays are limited and Halloween they celebrate, but lower scale and Thanksgiving they don`t really. We played soccer today for a zone activity. I sent to the temple two or three weeks ago. I can`t remember. I think 2 weeks ago. We didn`t have investigators attending and we are working to improve things in Bollenar. We have very few people attending in way of new members and less-active members. I am fairly exhausted. I was at the Hospital yesterday with Elder Houston and those from the new house we are moving to. He was sick, so we were all there. He is doing much better, but I was up until around 1:30, before going to bed, but now I am doing just fine.

Hi!  Was the hospital in Melipilla or did you have to travel to Santiago?  What kind of sick?  Contagious? 

How many Elders will be in your new house?  Why are they having you move?  Is something wrong with the house or are you unsafe there at night?  How will you get to Bollenar on Sunday if the buses do not run?

I am glad you got to go to the temple again.
Have you opened your packages or are you saving them for your birthday?

In Melipilla there is a Clinic Called Las Maitenes here. Elder Houston has a stomach issue and it is not contagious. There will be 4 elders and we will have to travel every day to Bollenar to work and return every evening. The owner of our house in Bollenar wants us to buy the house or leave and the mission only rents, so we are moving. As well as our mission president wants the missionaries living in groups of 4 for more safety. Buses run. They just don`t as often and we already have been staying with them for a week, but moving our last parts of our luggage will be tomorrow. I opened the packages already everyone wanted food.... Oh well, I opened them and we are trying to eat everything before changes, because I might leave and it will be hard with a ton of stuff. I need to reorganize my stuff. We have interviews this week with our mission president, in our houses, which means a very hectic week.

I am glad you are willing to share.  I hope you all enjoyed the food.  I hope you will have time for a little birthday celebration with the cake and candles and photos.  You should be able to get rid of your old garments and your old pants and gain a little room.  Did someone help you haul the beds and washing machine and dryer to the other place in a truck? 

Change is always good and refreshing.  It would be great to have these baptisms, but as long as they continue to progress, you will have made a difference in their lives.  I am sure they will love you forever.  I hope you will be able to stay in contact with them all throughout your life. 
Who is the fourth Elder?  You, Elder Cardona, Elder Houston and ?

We are moving those things tomorrow. Elder Watson is the other elder. We are doing great I will talk to you next week. I am out of time. 

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