Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Young Men's President

Some new photos of Elder Goode that I got from the Ward Mission Leader in his Branch.  I love that smile!  I am glad he is always happy and seems to be loving his mission.

This is a photo of Antonela, his most recent baptism and Elder Cardona, his current companion.  I think the little boy is probably Antonela's brother.

I am doing really well.  Things are going well. I haven`t received packages yet, that would be tomorrow. We didn`t have investigators at church. They didn`t come yet. I had a spiritual experience yesterday evening with Nicolas and his Mom. We shared with them and David the brother of the mom. They are doing well. I am in charge of The Young Men here in Bollenar. So I have been assigned to be the Young Men`s President, so I go to Mutual each week here and am in charge, so it is something else as well. We talked about the Book of Mormon and afterwards the Mom, Jessica, I believe is her name, wanted to talk with us to give Nicolas counsel because they have been having some difficulties. She is inactive and living with a guy and has two kids from different dads and Nicolas has a little bit of stress and anger issues over details related here. And we were able to counsel them and advise to help them. I know that Nicolas and David will be baptized. There is nothing keeping them from it. They almost came to Mutual this week, but didn`t. We are working with them slowly and even if I leave, I know they are going to progress. Nicolas is a golden investigator. He is so alert and concentrated and knows what he wants. He wants to be baptized. So does David. We haven`t placed a date recently, but if they attend this week and the next week they could get baptized on my birthday, if we work hard before changes. I am really happy with them.

The Hormazabal family is doing amazingly. The parents are attending even though not all of their children are wanting to. Antonela has been a little lazy and hasn`t come for 2 weeks, but her parents are going, which is more important. We had 41 people at church. There has been a good amount of growth in Bollenar. We are doing all that we can and I love this Branch, even though it stresses me out not being able to work everywhere and help everyone. But I need to be patient and do what I can. I am learning a lot more patience and diligence in the work. I am really happy.

We occasionally feel the earthquakes. We felt one yesterday morning.

The scripture that you chose is one of my favorites that Clain always quoted and I memorized as well but I don`t have it memorized in Spanish.

It rained a little yesterday and the rain is frustrating but there is work to do so we go and do.

Sorry that I wasn`t able to get around to writing more, but I love you all and thank you so much for everything.

Sorry, I just got back to my office.  I love you.  Have a really great week!

I am very, very proud of you.  You are an amazing son and missionary.  I am happy that you have found Nicolas and David.  They will love you forever for changing their lives for the better and their influence may change the mother’s life and her boyfriend and the other children.  Sometimes progress is slow. 

Be Goode.  We love you.
Love always and forever,

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