Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

We walk in our sector to get around but we use buses when we have to leave our sector for meetings or exchanges. We also leave our sector to go shopping for Preparation day and other things. We all meet together for our reunions of changes and I love that the whole mission can come together for the changes and get to know the other missionaries. We have a smaller mission so it is possible. I really enjoy having that ability in the mission. I teach classes on occasion and we talk about English classes with Investigators and invite them to the Church for classes and to get to know the church and we invite less actives if they are interested. We do not always have a lot of people that come to our classes, but overall things are really great. The buses cost around a dollar to use each time so it is interesting.

We had two investigators come to conference, one that wasn't a baptismal date, but now he is. He has 3 attendances and went to every session of conference. I watched conference in English, but the Spanish talks we watched in Spanish. I understood everything in the talks. I really enjoyed conference, but I was in another room, so I was not with my investigators, but my companion was. We have 9 baptismal dates now. We have Juan who went to everything and is the brother of our Elder's Quorum President. We also have Ivon and Kasandra who we are going to wait longer before baptism, but their date is for the 12th of November. We are doing a lot to help people progress. I may be able to have a few baptisms in this change if things work out right.

Things will work out however they happen. I am fine with my companion. We have worked a lot and I will be fine, but I honestly feel like he will train the next change. I listened really carefully to the Portuguese talk to hear it, because I want to learn Portuguese. I like hearing both. We didn't have subtitles just voices. I wanted subtitles and just them speaking. I like hearing the other languages. I have learned a lot of Spanish and understand quite a bit of Portuguese because I have a mission president and my trainer who speak with Portuguese accents. I understood conversations Elder Chuquel had with Hermana Barreiros in Portuguese.

Our mission president loves his Brazilians because they are Brazilians. I do not mind. I like hearing and learning both Spanish and Portuguese. I know a lot of Spanish now and I have been half tempted to write in Spanish before. Elder Chuquel loved your letter even though Google Translate does not translate everything correctly. We were laughing about it and I was correcting the incorrect parts for him. I can translate Spanish to English and Elder Chuquel learned a lot of English with me. Elder Vasquez does not speak English, but he understands it generally. He is learning a bit, but we speak Spanish in the pention and everywhere, but English feels weird now and awkwardly slow.... That´s okay I accidently was speaking English to Elder Vasquez after conference, because I had heard so much English. He listened to one conference in English and so did Elder Fernandez who knows English, because he was born in Utah, but grew up in Argentina and went back to Utah for 4 months before the mission. He is amazing and finished his training and began training Elder Decker who is from Minnesota. That is more information about my pention. Elder Vasquez is from Lima, Peru and he lives close to the coast. I don´t know much more than that, but we are doing well. We have had a lot of divisions, because he is District leader and we aren´t together a lot because of that. He has a year in the mission. I don´t know if I told you that, but he is pretty great. It is just that our personalities clash a little and being together a lot is stressful at times, but we are doing a lot to work things out.

I had not seen Dallas, but I saw 5 other people that I know in the Priesthood Choir. We can do activities like Soccer, and leaving our mission if we have permission. We play soccer on occasions. We cannot go to the Temple. The only way I will be able to go is if I train. The trainers go to the Temple the Day they receive their new greenies. They go in the morning.

I am doing really well and I saw Kelsey Riding's mom in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I am doing really well, but I am really tired. We were given permission to watch the Priesthood session on Saturday, but it started at 9 pm which is when we normally go back to our house, so it was midnight when I went to bed and I am still really exhausted from this last week. We have our reunion for changes in two weeks. I do not know about Christmas. I honestly do not think that I will be in Lo Espejo for Christmas. I feel like I am going to have a change before then. I may leave in the next change, but I do not know anything for certain.

We had a reunion of new missionaries 3 days ago and I saw Elder Chuquel and Elder Prisbey and we had lunch together. There are 30 missionaries in my zone. We play soccer on basketball courts and they are small, so it is like footsal. We have 6 elders in our district and no hermanas. We have had interviews with President last change. We have a zone conference this week and we have district meeting every Wednesday with pouch every other week and I got your package, but I sadly forgot my camera today.... Sorry... I am really tired from the weekend and I answered a lot of your other questions in my last email.

Kind of, but it is just for fun. 

I am out of time but I did what I could in the time that I had. I worked on a little of the lines. I think that I did everything correctly today and I only did a little, but I am using simple knowledge of years and the names to verify the truth of the situations. Hopefully you can find and verify everything. Love you! I have to go. Thanks for everything.


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