Monday, October 20, 2014

Second Baptism! I enjoy Family History!

We are getting along better but we had changes today and we are still together for 6 more weeks the next change is the end of November. I am doing good. It is getting really warm and that is making me more tired because they don´t have air conditioning and sleeping in warm rooms is hard for me. I am doing what I can and my allergies are starting to act up more but overall I am good. I have used my contacts a few times and they aren´t bothering me so I should be okay.

I have been a little discouraged but I am doing what I can right now to work and have success. We had a baptism for Juan our investigator and if I can I will send a picture. Today Elder Fernandez had changes and now Elder Decker has Elder Villablanca from Argentina. He has the same amount of time in the mission as Elder Vasquez.

I didn´t have changes and Elder Vasquez didn´t either. Elder Fernandez went to Republica and Elder Villablanca is with Elder Decker now. The next changes are the 30th of November.

Do you and Elder Decker get along well? 

Not exactly but we are okay. I got along a lot better with Elder Fernandez but he had changes. I will get through it don´t worry about me it isn´t too hard just annoying because it is all the time and I can´t leave the situation to have a breather. I did have a few divisions that were a bit of a breather last change but I am going to have less this change. Thanks for everything!

I still don´t know about Ancestry if we can use it but I don´t see why not? I don´t know about the other missionaries but I am doing what I can to clean up the records for you to help with everything.

My scriptures aren´t small they are larger probably a normal size I really don´t know. I don´t remember for sure with the AP results but I think you go to my AP profile which I believe uses my normal username and passwords try a few to get in if not look into my student and other numbers from school. I´m sorry but I just want to know how I did and I can´t check it myself.  Thanks for everything let me know about the AP site.

I also need to do this (video and pictures for the Ward Christmas Party) but I am having a hard time getting it ready.... I don´t exactly have a lot of time to do it....

Any luck with the camera today? 

No I haven´t had luck with it in a while. I just don´t have a lot of time or really desires to prepare the video right now. I haven´t really thought about it much. I have a couple baptismal photos that I could send but I don´t have a ton to send. I really will look into it thanks though.

I am good and I think the normal size is the best option. Spanish text for scriptures is a little bigger but I think that normal will look good. I just want them to help me be more organized with my scriptures because I have a lot that I like to use and I am still organizing my scriptures. Thanks for everything and I have my camera and I will see if I can send anything today. Love you!

Okay.  I found a phone number and called the College Board.  They helped me get your account setup so I could get your scores. 

Statistics – Your Score: 4

That is great!  You did well! 

Thanks! I was thinking that I got between a 2 and a 4. I am really happy with a 4! That helps a lot I kept forgetting to ask about it. That´s really good for me. I felt pretty confident about the exam on that day even though it was really long. Thanks for finding my results. I love you!

I just need to know if I need to send the scores to Neumont, USU and Weber.  Did you send it to any when you took the test?

I honestly don´t remember that well. I think that I did but it is probably better if you send them again because I don´t have a clue....

Can you look into the record hints for this person? William Dillingham LZF5-LLP There are a couple record hints and I am not sure of what to do with them. I am working through the lines of people to find and fix what I can to help people. Thanks for everything I am out of time. I didn´t get pictures sent and I didn´t really tell you a whole lot. The baptism was really great and we had a white night last week with 4 baptisms for our zone. I am doing what I can but I am really focused a lot in getting family history work done. I am working through all of the lines here to do record hints. There are tons of hints and they are really easy to work with just a few little issues every now and then but generally I can find and fix a lot. There are a lot of new people that I have found through record hints. I really enjoy doing the fixes and attaching. Love you! Sorry that I didn´t say more or get more done. I am trying thanks for everything. Love you!

I can´t get photos to work my camera doesn´t like these computers and they can´t read the photos... I will figure it out eventually. I just don´t know what I am going to do to get the photos sent for the baptisms and the ward. I love you sorry I don´t think you will have photos today. Love you and I am doing just fine. I really don´t hear much from Becca anymore but I figured that would happen. Oh well I am just going to keep working doing what I can now. Thanks for everything. I am working my way through the names and lines and I am getting through them little by little and when I finish I will go up one person and work my way down again like I have been doing and each line has more and more people. I have been on the descendants of John Daniel Goode for over a month. I enjoy it though. I will do a lot more work on the lines after the mission because I really enjoy it.

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