Monday, April 20, 2015

Santiago Temple Trip

Braxton's District before Transfers

It was a really great experience. I enjoyed it and had a great time. It was nice to be back at the temple and really peaceful. I was a little sad because I got there and realized that I had forgotten the family names that I have at our pention. It was frustrating for me, but I just went with things and enjoyed the day. It was a great experience. The session was in Spanish which was nice.

Things are going well. We are working really hard. We have several people attending church right now, but the hardest part is finding time when we can visit them. Many people are making appointments but later cancelling because things don´t work out for their schedules. It is a little frustrating, but we are just doing our very best to keep working and staying in contact with them and preparing them for their baptisms, even though they don´t have set dates yet. Many cases just haven´t worked out because of inconveniences and other problems, but we are doing our very best to help them arrive at their baptisms. We have Natalia, Daniel, and Catarin who have attended, but we are having a really hard time getting lessons in with them.

Yes the package came and Elder Argyle´s birthday is this Wednesday. I pulled out some of the things from the box and then we enjoyed the food and things. The majority is gone already, but we are enjoying everything. Thanks for always being willing to do special things for us. So, yesterday we asked a brother from the ward that we had lunch with, if he could find us dry ice to make root beer and today he brought us some. So we were making root beer this morning and we made several liters of it and we are going to enjoy it this week. We hadn´t been able to find a place where they sell dry ice in our sector, so he went and bought it for us. It was really nice.

We are doing great but having a lot of setbacks like recently we had a lesson planned with Daniel one of our investigators for today. They called us about an hour ago to cancel which is sad and frustrating because there are only certain times that we can actually meet with a lot of the people, so it slows down their progress a lot. Thanks for all of the support. I am really enjoying the work.

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