Monday, April 13, 2015

Zone Activity

Do you like this tie?

Are there any tie colors you wish you had?

Do you need any other clothing items?  New garments?

Not too much the orange and blue clash and the red doesn´t really fit. I´m pretty good on ties I will probably need garments in a little while. I am still using everything that I have but I will probably need others.

Are the garment sizes still okay?  Have you gained or lost weight?

They don’t clash.  They look awesome!  However, I know you wouldn’t let me buy you any plaid ties when you left, so I thought I better ask before I bought it.

Lost more than anything, but the sizes are still fine. Well, last Monday we got our water back so everything is going well. We actually get to go to the temple tomorrow. Our zone is the first zone that is going to the temple, so it is a lot sooner than others. I am really excited for it.

We have quite a few people we are working with.  We are teaching the boyfriend of an active member that doesn´t live in our sector, but we are hoping to establish the basis so that he can be baptized where he is living. We are also teaching Alfredo. He is another man that teaches at one of the colleges near our sector and he is really interested in the history of the Church and the Book of Mormon. We don´t have baptismal dates, but we are really working toward it. Things are going really well. We are still trying to get back in contact more with Rodrigo and Carolina, a Catholic family. Also we are trying to get to Flavia because she got separated from the less active member from our sector and has a basis. But we have had some hard moments trying to get in contact with people.

The zone is starting to work with real baptismal dates because generally the missionaries put baptismal dates to have them and the leaders want us working to have them get baptized. So even if we had put baptismal dates they don´t count in our numbers until the investigator has attended church. I really like that because more people will focus on the people that are prepared and actually helping them get baptized.

I love the photos. Sorry that I haven´t gotten any out yet and I doubt that I will have time today either. We had a zone activity today and it went a little longer than planned and we live about half an hour away. Thanks for everything. I hope that everyone is doing well.

That is great.  I am glad you are seeing some success.  Keep trying.  I am praying for you every day.

I am so happy you got your hot water back.  That has to make you happier.  I want to see your happy face, so try to send me some photos this week.  Even one would make me very happy!

What did you do with your zone?

I am excited that you get to go to the temple.  That is sweet.  I will think of you all day long and know that you are in a special place.  Enjoy the spirit there.

Are you out of time already?

I am almost out of time. Sorry, the weeks feel so short, writing and my hands are always tired when I finish writing. Thanks for all you do and I will look for opportunities this week to send some. I will do my best. Sometimes I just haven´t had internet in the houses or have forgotten when I was in locations that I could have used. Sorry....

The zone played a game to pass time. It was a game of police. So it is like there is one investigator trying to find the culprit who is slowly picking people to kick out of the game, but without everyone´s knowledge. There is just one mediator with all the knowledge. It is really fun. They played a lot of rounds. It was really nice with snacks also. 

Great.  I am glad you had some fun.  You will have to teach the game to us when you get home.  What were the snacks you liked?  Who are your Zone Leaders and District Leaders now?

It seems like your email time gets shorter all the time.  I know you are writing other people, and I appreciate what you can do.  I would just love to know more about what you are doing and the great experiences you are having that are strengthening your testimony.

I love you so very much and miss you a ton.  I know you are doing what you are supposed to do and I know you are where you are supposed to be.  It is just hard sometimes to have you so far away.  I miss our long talks.  I wish I could be there for a week as a fly in your pocket and see all the great things you are doing.

Make sure you are checking your shoes for spiders before you put them on.

Did you get your package yet?

No, we have pouch this Wednesday. My zone leaders are Elder Cowan and Elder Daniel. My district leader is Elder Perrogoria. We will see if the package comes on Wednesday. Hopefully it does. That would be really nice. I´m out of time. Thanks for everything. Love you!

Thanks.  I love you, too.  A nice, long handwritten letter would be suck a surprise to get in the mail for Mother’s Day!  Have an awesome week and a sweet day at the temple tomorrow!

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