Monday, April 6, 2015

We Are Both Really Excited and Happy to Work!

Sadly, we don´t have hot water yet, but it should come really soon. We went to our church to watch the sessions and we could watch in Spanish or English. I chose to watch in English with my companion, but I wanted to watch the Spanish talks in Spanish. Just a side note, Elder Zeballos that is from Chile has talked to our mission in conferences before and I met him in the 6th week in Chile. I really enjoy his conversion story. It is not the first time that I have heard it though. This week has been better even with cold water and my cold, but I am happy and working hard. We had changes today and my companion and I are staying together for another change here. We are both really excited and happy to work. He and I get along really well, so it was a happy surprise since I thought that I would get changed today. I am excited for this change and things are going to be great. The mission has sent us the receipt of the pention costs, so we are going to give that to them (the apartment managers) today and we should get our warm water back for tomorrow.

I really love the photos and that you had a great Easter weekend. There wasn´t a fancy Easter concert and we still haven´t heard anything about one. Our mission president didn´t let the Elders go to the Priesthood session, but is going to let us watch it in our zones this Saturday. Also he decided to let the whole mission go to the Temple as their Districts, so I will get to go to the Temple anyway this next month which is really exciting.

Don´t stress out too much over me. I am happy here and love the work. Things are going well and I really hope that Dad is doing fine. He has had to suffer a lot of pains that most people couldn´t have handled. I know that he has had a long struggle and often wonders why he has to pass through so much, but I love that he just keeps trying to do his best. I love his persistent attitude even though things come up against him. It has always been a great example for me when I have been lazy or just haven´t wanted to do the hard things. Thanks for everything and I love you all. Thanks for all the support and love!

Tell Clain to keep working hard and that he can accomplish the hard things in life that push him to his limits. He just has to believe that he can accomplish them and do all that he can and the Lord will show him His way. I have been taking my medicines and it is a minor cold just mostly a chest cough and minor mucus issues. I am fine with any challenges thrown at me as long as I can keep working and helping the people. Thanks for everything. Sorry that I haven´t gotten pictures sent in a little while. I will do my very best to send some this week from a house or something. I need to find my best recent ones to send. 

Sorry that I wasn´t able to write more. I have been doing my best to get to everyone in more detail. Don´t stress too much about the messages. We get the Liahona in the mission and for the American missionaries we get it in English and usually we have a copy in Spanish or something but things are going well. They get us the Liahona to study which will really be nice to go over the talks again. I really enjoy re-reading the talks to learn more. Thanks and enjoy this week. I am really happy that there were lots of great family moments this last week and that you were able to go to the Temple. It sounds like you all had a great time.

Happy Easter!  I am so happy to hear from you.  I was thinking you had been transferred because I hadn’t heard from you.  I am glad all is well and especially glad that you are happy!  I think you are good for Elder Argyle and he is good for you.  I hope you are able to resolve the water problem soon.  I am glad your cold is only a minor thing.  I love you so much. Thanks for this positive letter.  I will look forward to some photos.  If nothing else take a few selfies.  I miss your happy smile.

Thanks I am out of time and will talk to you next week. I love you!

It was a great week.  I will send you some photos of the grandkids next week.  They are on my digital camera so a little harder to get to than the ones on my phone were. 

Your package cleared customs today, so you may get it on Wednesday if this is a pouch week. 

When you go to the temple, take all of the temple cards you have that need endowments and share with the elders and sisters.  It helps us to get the endowments done and I am sure these ancestors will be happy to be endowed in the Chile temple in Spanish.  Sort of a nice surprise for them.

I know. I will. I know right where all of the cards are. I appreciate everything. It may not be this week, but it will happen in the month. Thanks!

I love you, too.  Don’t ever forget that.  We are here rooting for you all the time and praying for you and know that your ancestors are there as angels watching over you each day, also.  They will protect you from harm and accidents if you are obedient.  I am trusting in their power to keep you safe.  I love you, Son.   Have a fantastic week!

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