Monday, June 1, 2015

Another tough week with Bike Troubles

Thanks for everything. I am on, so that you know and I have had an even harder week than the last one, but it has been interesting.

It hasn´t been an easy week. I had a hard time with my bike and it has been difficult because it breaks regularly. I have had 4 flat tires and about 6 times that the pedal has fallen off. The chain comes off almost daily. My tire just about fell apart on Saturday. My companion had to pull me 5 miles the other day and I had to pull him the same distance. Things aren´t easy and yes I got the package. I figured that I could start into it, since I am at the point where I have less than a year left to serve. I haven´t gotten to the official 1 year point, but I am close. Elder Brush has 1 change less than me. Elder Orozco has 2 changes less than Elder Leyva. I heard about the flood and how Colby is going to be getting an I-Pad today in his mission. Elder Orozco is from Mexico, close to Texas. Elder Brush is from Heber and Elder Leyva from Lima from the same Stake as Elder Vasquez. Elder Ludeman is in my zone and I do know him. We talked last Wednesday. I am having an interesting time right now and I still need to find some more things for my bike. We are working on it a little at a time. I feel like I am scrapping the other 2 bikes that aren´t being used to put together one that does. Thanks for everything and I will send some pictures I didn´t take many this week and my face generally isn´t in them....

I also forgot to mention that last Tuesday my tire popped and that I had to walk 5 miles to our house at 9 at night and we didn´t get in until 10:43 and we are supposed to be in at 9:30. It was awful. This week has been difficult more than most, but I am doing my best. We had 23 lessons and 7 new investigators, but none of them have come to church yet and we don´t have baptismal dates yet. We had 1 sister come to church for the first time in around a year. We also had our retention there, but one taught a class and then had to leave to go to work so we could only count 1 of 2 retention, because he wasn´t there for Sacrament meeting. We are doing our best, but very little results and many miles of work for little results.

Does your mission President know how bad your bike situation is?  Did you tell him in your email to him today?  If a new bike will help you to be able to work more efficiently, then ask for one.  You could even offer to buy your own bike.  That might convince him that one is needed.  It sounds like two are really needed. 
Can the guy at the bike shop shorten your chain by one link?  I saw a tool this week that would let you do that, but by the time I buy it and ship it to you, you will have struggled for another four weeks.  Did you buy the pump, tubes and light that you mentioned?

Have you ever considered swapping cameras with your companion so he is taking photos of you and you are taking photos of him?  Have you ever considered asking your dinner appointments to take a photo of you while you are there and then they could text message it to me?  Braiden Parkinson does that all the time and Kelly gets tons of photos of Braiden from the members. 

Please tell me more about your experiences this week and the people.
I am glad you got the package and yes, dig in.  I hope you enjoy what I sent, especially the book!  You are officially on your second half of your mission.  I figure you will serve a total of 714 days on your mission, including leap year next year.  That means your halfway point was actually on day 357, which fell on Sunday, May 24th.  So I really did great in getting you the package just 3 days later than your halfway point. 

I know. Thanks for everything. The members really have a hard time here with technology the majority don´t have much and don´t know how to use them. Plus international picture sending has got to be interesting. I will look into it. I haven´t gotten pictures sent yet.

I assume yours is the white bike without the chain guard.  If you need to, spend some of your money to get it working right.  It will make life more enjoyable for you to have working equipment.  I really need that nice photo of your face for the chart.  I am running out of time.  Please take one this week and send it to me next Monday.
I am sorry you are struggling with the bike issues.  We have the money, you could offer to buy a new bike.  There is enough in your Checking account and in your Savings account to do that.  If it would make the work easier, then suggest it.  You would have to leave the bike at the end of your mission, but I suspect if you offer to buy a new bike that your Mission President will find the money to purchase you and your companion both new bikes.  If not, it can be a donation for the good of the mission.  The money is there if you need to use it.  Just find a teller machine and withdraw what you need.

Can’t you change the tire where you are when it pops? 

A new bike will help you to be more successful in the work.  I am glad you are teaching a lot of lessons.  That is great.  Maybe you could try this week to setup some rides for your new investigators.  If they know someone is coming to pick them up, they may be more willing to be ready and come.  Is the ward supportive in helping you with the missionary work?  Do they come to your lessons with you?  Can you find people to match up with each new investigator to be their friend and help them with rides and to feel comfortable?  Work on that angle this week and see if you can get them to attend meetings.  Are they making and keeping commitments to read and pray?  Have you looked at your part member families in this area?  Are there any promising families that you could work with?  Do you have Sacrament Meeting last?  I liked that schedule. 

Do most of the people in your area work in farming jobs?  Do a lot of the women also work?  Are there schools in Bollenar or do they bus the kids down to Mellipilla?   

 Elder Goode's bed.  The top bunk.

Their house is yellow on Google Earth, but that was two years ago.
It looks like it got a face lift.  

Yes we have Sacrament last and there are schools in Bollenar and other parts. There are a few part member families and we are doing our best to work with what we have. People are still busy in the Farm areas and many work farming and in other things. I am doing my very best and we are talking to our leaders to get the bike issue figured out but they haven´t done anything yet. We are doing our best to figure it all out. Sorry I am out of time and I am going to send a couple pictures and I will be off.

We have a washer and dryer which is nice.

Just keep doing the best you can do.  That is all that you and your Mission President can expect.  The Lord will sanctify your service.  I will fast and pray for your success next Sunday and continue to pray for you every day.  I love you so very much.  I am happy you are out serving, but WOW, I miss you some days.  Know that if I could, I would give you a huge hug and lots of kisses.  When I see missionaries coming home, my heart aches to see you again, but I know you are giving your best to the Lord and I must give my best, YOU, also.  Make the sacrifice worth it by serving the best you can.   Find lots of ways to give service to your companion, the members and your investigators.  If you serve them, you will love them and they will learn to love and trust you as well. 

Have an awesome week!  Keep pumping and watch out for the thorns Satan strews across your path.

I love you so very much. 
Love always and forever,

I did the math backwards.  Your halfway date will be June 9th.  Almost there.  Take care.

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