Monday, June 8, 2015

Bike Problems Resolving

I got some fun photos and videos on Dropbox from Guillermo and Camilla.  They are awesome.  It is nice to see some of the fun stuff you did with them.  It looks like they fed you a lot.  Who owned the red station wagon that you were riding in?  Where were you running to so fast?  I love that video clip!

Oh, that was a family from the ward taking us to their house for lunch after church. The Imperatore Family. We were running to another appointment that we were late for and we were doing our best to get them both in and everything. It was a long day. I remember that one well.

Bollenar to Maria Pinto to Los Rulos to Chorombo and back to Bollenar

This week, I didn`t have nearly any bike problems. It was slightly odd, but we have been doing our best. We went to a part of our sector, to visit a couple of less-active families, that is really far away. It is called Los Rulos. It is about 25 kilometers from where we live. We went there and then from there crossing over to Chorumbo to return to visit some people. So our day was nearly a 60 kilometer trip.... That was Saturday. I was exhausted and that is around 38 miles..... I had a very good time though. There are still a lot of people to get to know. We found 8 new investigators this week, so 30 in 3 weeks, but we haven`t found anyone ready to be baptized. We are still trying to visit with a lot of them, but some of them aren`t progressing and others we can`t get in contact with, but we are doing our best with what we have. It is a little frustrating working as hard as I can and barely seeing results. We only had 1 less active and our 2 retention at church and the attendance was the same as last week with 44 people. We are doing all that we can, but still things are taking a while to show up like we want.

Hi!  It seems like transportation is a big problem to get the people to church.  Can you arrange rides for them with active families?  I am glad your bike problems have improved.  I have prayed for that all week.  Keep working hard.  Pray to know which investigators are the most receptive and work with them to try to get them to baptism.  If you have time, write a lot more and send some photos. 

I am at WPJH pulling old teacher computers out of teacher classrooms.  It is dirty, dusty work.  Jim Hansen is helping me today.  He is working on becoming an administrator.  He has done most of his class work, but now he has to do 350 hours of service at schools.  He wanted to help me out with the computers and I am grateful.  It will be easier for the custodians to clean with the old computers out of the way.  Then I can setup the new ones in August after everything is neat and clean again.  I will try to respond again in a few minutes. 

That is really nice of Mr. Hansen helping you out. Are you feeling better than you were yesterday? I am doing my best and this computer hasn`t recognized my camera yet, so I am working on that, so that I can send you pictures at the same time. I only have a few more minutes. We are doing the best that we can and I didn`t mention to you before, but Elder Harrah is in my zone and in my district, so last Wednesday I had divisions with him. It was really cool to be back with him. Also with the changes Elder Vasquez got changed and is in Melipilla, but not as a Zone Leader and he is in my District as well. I am going to have divisions with him in the next couple of weeks. It will be an interesting change and I still can`t believe that half of a change has gone by.... Things are going well. I just want to find someone prepared to get baptized this month. We are doing our best and we only have 3 weeks to pull it off, so we are looking for the miracle to pull it off. First we need someone willing that can attend and does. We are doing a lot of contacting and finding. Thanks for all of the support. My watch broke yesterday so today I had to buy a new one, but it was fairly cheap. I am doing really well and probably won`t have a lot of time left to write.

I can`t get my computer to read my card which is really sad because I have pictures to send you. This sector won`t be like my other sector where you randomly get pictures during the week.... The majority of people don`t have internet in their houses. Sorry that I can`t get pictures sent this week and my companion just said that President said we are going to get new bikes soon. I tried to get you pictures this week, but I will work on having more. I have some really cool ones from this week I wanted to send you, but sadly one more week. I love you and thanks for all of the support. I am doing great even though it has been an exhausting 3 weeks. Things will go on. Love you! Talk to you next week!

Camila, Guillermo, Elder Goode and Elder Correa

 Elder Goode, Camila and Elder Correa

Making a desert for Family Home Evening, banana bread, I think.

Elder Argyle, Camila and Elder Goode

Elder Goode, Elder Argyle, Camila and Guillermo

Elder Argyle's Birthday Dinner with Camila and Guillermo

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