Monday, June 22, 2015

Still no new bikes!

We still haven´t heard anything about the bikes. It was a slower week on numbers. We had interviews with President this last week on Tuesday in Melipilla and I had divisions with the Zone Leaders in Bollenar as well this week. We only had 16 lessons this week and 5 new investigators, but things are coming, only we don´t have anyone close to being baptized yet. We are working on a lot of things. Yes there is a musical program and I wasn´t invited to participate, but that is fine. I haven´t gotten the package so it should come. I also can´t send pictures this week either. I already tried. I keep switching computers and only one has been able to send them so far and every time that I get there lately someone is using it.... I am going to have divisions tomorrow with Elder Bello. He is the missionary that Elder Harrah is training and is about to finish his training. We had a few bike issues this week, but my bike more than anything has just been stiff and really hard to work with and exhausting to use, but that is fine. Things are going well. I finished the Book of Mormon again yesterday. I also finished reading Doctrine and Covenants. I finished it today in the morning. It took me 22 days. I started this month. I believe it went fast. I am going to read the Pearl of Grand Price in a couple days and then decide what to read next. I am going to try to go through The Book of Mormon quickly this time around. How are you coming along as the family?

Hi Braxton,
It sounds like you are working really hard, but not seeing as much success as you would like.  Just keep trying.  I am sure you are planting lots of great seeds.  Have you oiled the bike chain and gears?  I know that could be messy if the chain keeps coming off all the time, but it might make it less stiff.  Did your Mission President say anything about the new bikes when you had your interviews? 

 I am sure it is fun to do exchanges with other missionaries.  It lets you meet more of the missionaries and more people and see different areas and maybe get some ideas on how to work differently or better.  Did you learn anything great from the Zone Leaders? 

I am glad you are reading so much in the scriptures.  I have not been doing well on my own at all.  I need to be better.  I have been reading some books about the last days and I do look up scriptures and things that are referred to in the books, but I need to also be reading the Book of Mormon on my own.  As a family we are reading in the Book of Mormon.  We just read 2 Nephi 25 and 26 Friday night and Sunday night.  We missed Saturday night with the grandkids there.  We did have prayer.  I noticed in chapter 25 some new things.  In verse 8 Nephi talks about how in the last days the people will understand the prophecies of Isaiah.  I realized that only today with the internet and the ability to search for things are we able to really understand what Isaiah was talking about in all of the Isaiah chapters that Nephi quotes.  For thousands of years, before the internet those would have been so hard to understand.  We also have all the Latter-Day Commentaries on the Book of Mormon that help to explain them and teach us what the obscure references to trees and stuff mean.  We just finished all of those Isaiah chapters again and I admit I don’t get as much out of them as I should.  We have been listening to the chapters mostly on my phone and too many nights we are each pre-occupied with other things while we are listening and so I know we are not getting as much out of them as we should.  Clain is so tired each night.  He wants to just get it over with so he can go to bed.  I know we should all do better.

I wish you could send photos, but I understand.  Keep trying.  One of these weeks that computer will be free.  I will keep hoping. 

 I should finish up at work tomorrow, I hope, if I can get the district to commit to come pick up my computers.  If not, then one day next week.  I can then get back to some of my projects.  I did accomplish two clean up jobs this weekend and I am going to do one more today.  Then I can work on getting the photos for Grandma’s Descendency Chart.  I don’t think I am going to get it done on time.  If you can, have your companion take a nice photo of you and have him email it to me.  I assume his camera works with the computers.  I need it for the chart, but I am still short a lot of photos.  I will try to contact each one this week and see what I can get. 

I love you lots.  Write more please. 

He had given permission to my companion and everything to ask for them. I didn´t talk to him about the bikes, but I don´t know. Things are fine. I just have to keep working with everything that I have and do my best. I am really tired lately. I am trying and sorry about the picture that you want. I still haven´t taken one. I just haven´t been able to remember or get around to it yet. Sorry. I am doing my best in everything right now. I hope that Dad had a good day yesterday. Thanks for all of the support and always writing sorry that I don´t have much time. I only have 5 more minutes.... 

Things are going well and I am glad that you are doing well with all of your summer work. I know how exhausting that can be. I understand the being exhausted and how the family feels. It would probably be easier if you set an hour or time when everyone meets together for scripture study. That way it is planned and focused so that it isn´t such a chore.... It shouldn´t be a chore. It should be something enjoyable. I honestly enjoy my studies more than the rest of my day.... I don´t like when they end. Keep looking for it and you will find it. I hope the family is well and enjoying the summer. Enjoy your week and all that you have going on. Everyone is always so busy.

The other thought that came to me as we were listening to chapter 25 was that The Book of Mormon is supposed to foreshadow our day.  In verse 19, it tells us that Christ would come 600 years after Lehi left Jerusalem.  I wonder why we have not been given a specific time period to help us prepare for the second coming of Christ.  I know there are many prophecies that have to be fulfilled and so far some are still not fulfilled, so I doubt that Christ will come just yet.  The temples are supposed to be built in Adam-Ondi-Amen and in Jerusalem and the gospel is supposed to be preached to all peoples on the earth and I know there are still countries where we are not able to preach yet.  Yet, there are neat signs in the heavens that must have meaning in God’s plan.  Many people try to interpret them and say that Christ will come this fall because of the four blood moons.  I think they will be disappointed.  I think those signs mean something, but maybe not what the people want them to mean.  Yet it is all part of God’s great plan.  I am interested in all that is going on in the heavens and in our world, but there is much yet to come.  There are so many natural disasters happening all over the world.  Flooding and earthquakes and storms.  In fact, there was a 6.4 earthquake in Chile on Friday, at 9:10 p.m.  Did you feel it?  The epicenter was 430 km or 267 miles SW of Santiago, Chile, so out in the ocean.  I was grateful it was not closer.

I hope that this week is enjoyable. Next week there are changes, so I don´t have a clue when I will be on or anything. Sorry things are really short and everything takes so long to do here.... I am starting to get worn down..... I definitely don´t feel like I am at 100%..... I am doing my best though. The branch here is hard because everyone knows everyone here and they are all so judgmental.... Yesterday a sister in the ward had to tell me off for not shining my shoes.... The entire area is dirt coated and the attitude of the branch is hard to work with and they don´t help at all in The Missionary Work.... Frustrating but what I have right now....

Busy and tired.  I think those are two of Satan’s greatest tools in our world today.  He likes to keep us going so hard that we don’t have time to do the important stuff.  I am glad you are loving your studies.  I need to do better.  I will try. 

How is your cold?  Has it gotten any better?

I love you and I will keep praying for you and try to get to the temple again soon. 
Have a really great week.

My cold is still bad. I am doing everything that I have to help it. I don't know and I don't worry about the signs of Christ´s coming. I don´t have the time to puzzle over things that aren´t even revealed to the Prophets. I am happy just living the Gospel to be ready and worthy to receive the Glory that I want at his coming. If it is the time it will be, but I just hope that people don´t wait too long to change and lose their opportunities and the possible glory available to them. It will be a miserable day for the majority when Christ comes again. I just hope to be able to get married and sealed to be able to achieve the highest degrees of glory before his coming and I don´t worry too much because of the promises that the Lord has made to me.

Don’t let it get you down.  It is only dirt. It is really hard when people judge others and don’t allow people to change and grow, repent and forgive.  Keep teaching those principles.   

Have you had your special dinner with the Mission President for being out a year, yet?  Please tell us about it when you do.  I know that will be fun for you.  Please encourage Hermana Barreiros to post photos of it on Facebook. 

I love you so much.

I got a message today saying that they made a mistake and that it will be next change. I thought that it was too early. It will be in July or August after a year in the Mission Field not counting The CCM. I am fine. It works out and things will be a little different when changes happen, but oh well. I will live with it. Thanks for everything and I am out of time. Sorry. I have to go... Love you and talk to you next week!

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