Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Will Always Be Good!

Life will always be good! Even the Gods who were perfect only made a creation of a world that was good. They didn`t strive for anything more even being perfect, but something good.

I am really happy! I got my glasses sent today!

We have a baptism set for this weekend with the interview and everything we are reactivating her family and her name is Antonela. She is 9 and has always wanted to be baptized and is the strength of her family right now to return. The family is coming along and we have everything set for this Sunday! I am really excited and happy. Wednesday we are going to teach them and then go have the baptismal interview!

Mikayla wrote me and I am really excited for her. She will love the mission. I know that it will be a great experience for her. I wrote back to her.

Sorry that I am just getting around to everything I wrote almost all of the other things first so I only have 15 minutes and I am going to write just the messages left for you. I will see about pictures.

I won`t be able to send pictures. I just tried and it isn`t working. This week went well and now we are working towards Antonela`s baptism this weekend. We met a family The Peréz Balmonde family they are an older couple that just moved into a house that we decided to contact and accepted us and want to be baptized. We have a baptismal date set with them for the 13 of September and we also have a baptismal date set with José. His Grandmother is a member, but she is less-active because of her health. His baptismal date is for the 27 of September. Things are going really well and there are tons of people to help and never enough time because there is so much distance and so many people. I only have a couple more minutes. Yesterday, we had a lesson with Antonela and her family where we talked about her baptism and that it would be for this weekend and she is very excited and her parents committed to support her in the decision and continue going and now the whole family is going to go to church. We are going to continue strengthening them and helping them return to activity. They are a great family and we are doing really well.

Congratulations on the upcoming baptism of Antonela.  That is really neat.  How many others are in her family?  Are they all interested in becoming active again? 

I knew this was going to be a great six weeks for you.  I would love to see all of these baptisms work out for you.  I will pray for all of them and for you.  Sunday will be Fast Sunday, so I will fast for them also

I got a fun photo this morning from Elder Simplicio.  Thanks. 

Elder Simplicio is from Brazil.  I (Carol) met him on Facebook on the Missionary site before he left for his mission.  He is so excited to be a missionary and he was excited to meet Elder Goode.  Now they are serving in the same Zone.  I also met Elder Mason on the Facebook missionary site.  He is from North Ogden.  Elder Simplicio is in the front.  I don't know the name of the Elder in the back and I can't quite read his nametag.

Elder Simplicio is in my zone as well as Elder Mason. They are both in Talagante, but we are a joint zone with Melipilla now. Things are fun in our zone.

Even in the world we live in that is getting more wicked all the time, there is still so much that is good and beautiful.  I am grateful to live at this time on the earth.  I am grateful to see the growth in the church and to have the opportunity to serve in callings and help people.  I like my job because I get to help people all the time.  Service is the key to happiness.  When we love and serve others, we feel so much better. 

How are you getting along with your companion?  Are you learning a lot from him?

We are getting along really well and we are both learning from one another which is really nice. I am enjoying doing all that I can and I don`t have much time and I need to go. I am sorry I am trying and there is always so much that I can`t get around to talk about. Thanks for the support and the help in everything. I love serving and being in the Lord`s work.

I love you.  I know you are busy and working hard.  Continue to be happy and excited and more blessings will come to you.  I am glad your Zone is fun.  I wish you had more time to tell me about it, but . . .   you are a missionary and there is never enough time to do all that you want to do.  Serve the people as if you are serving our Savior and have an absolutely amazing week!

Love always and forever,

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