Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Earthquakes and Upcoming Transfers

Yes, I have felt the earthquakes and some were stronger than others. I am used to the moving now and it only happens now and then. Things are fine. I am doing really well. We haven`t had changes yet. We are still together Elder Cardona and I and I have pictures of us together. We have our Change Meeting in Santiago tomorrow. Things are going just fine. Your week sounds like fun.

Still no on photos. The computers aren`t reading my cards.... My glasses broke in the center one day when I played soccer. The center has a limited resistance, but my glasses got bent too much when they fell off that time and snapped. Things are fine. They haven`t told us the changes exactly just that I am staying here in Bollenar. Things will work out. Don`t stress. The Lord prepares things His way and if He needs to work changes He will. His plans are set in place to save the largest amount of His children. Don`t stress just wait and there are possibilities that things can change. I know that it is complicated, but we are doing just great. I am not stressed, just enjoying working where the Lord calls and how He calls. It isn`t an important detail to me where or in what way I serve just that I serve as His instrument. Sometimes He sends tests before giving us results. He sent me one last change. He said that I had changes, but that I was staying in the zone. There were options that I could have gone to Melipilla or stayed in Bollenar. I stayed in Bollenar and the Lord was able to have a baptism in Bollenar because of it and baptizing here is uncommon and the mission knows it. We had a reunion in the mission and most everyone was asking how we baptized especially the missionaries that have served in Bollenar. Things are going just fine and I know that the Lord wants me to change that mentality that it is hard to baptize here. I know that there are many more miracles here and that He just wants me to serve and help His children. I have stopped stressing over tiny details and just doing what He needs.

That is an excellent attitude to have and it will really bless you and the Chilean people. I will wait excitedly to hear what happens in your email next week. Have they told Elder Cardona that he is being transferred?

They actually told him that he is staying in Bollenar, but many times they say something and change people anyway. I am waiting for the Lord to work through the changes, because many times He does. I will let you know how things go. There are many possibilities, but I am relaxed and fine with whatever happens. Many times things like this happen where the changes aren`t always finished when they advise us. Many times people have changes that were told that they didn`t have them. We are used to this in the mission by now. Thanks and I love you talk to you next week!

Thanks for all that you do and the support! I am out of time for today but I wanted to let you know that I love you and that everything is fine. I will update you on everything next Tuesday. I love you and I am really grateful for all that you do and always stressing about me and worrying. I love you and don`t stress. Just enjoy life. Don`t stress too much over everything.  Things are all in the Lord´s hands. I love you and thanks for being here always.

I am not stressing. I am calm. I know you are in the Lord's hands and everything that happens is a part of his plan. I love you so much and I am very proud of the man you are becoming. Take care.


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