Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fiesta Patrias

Elder Goode and Elder Cardona
Companions in Bollenar

Another photo from Carlo's baptism when Braxton was in the city of Santiago.

On Sunday, I received some messages and two photos from Ulises Acevedo.  I am really excited now to have the opportunity to receive more photos through Dropbox.  

Ulises Acevedo is my Branch Mission Leader. He works with us on all of the work like Rex Carter in the ward. Antonela got confirmed and it was a great Sunday. There were 41 people at church. Ulises or Dario, he uses both, is not married yet. His profile says Don´t hide. No Te Escondas is what it says. He uses a normal profile picture just to have one, but He is really great. He is really active and the majority of his family are inactive and we work with them when we can to help them return to activity in the church.

I can send pictures by Wi-Fi but I gave Dario all of my pictures and He has them on His computer and is going to continue sending them to you because I asked him to. That is why he has pictures from other parts of my mission. I haven`t been able to send pictures and I really want you to have them, so we are working on getting them sent to you. Sorry that I didn`t explain before.

The 18th of September or Fiesta Patrias was great. We ate a ton of food and the Branch had its activity the 26th to let everyone enjoy the parties with their families and afterwards with the branch. It was really great! I had a great time and the work is going really well. We have a goal of 50 people attending in Bollenar and we are getting really close and working hard. We are looking for more people to teach and baptize. We have many people with potential but nobody that has baptismal dates right now. Don`t worry about prayers and fasting right now we are looking for people more than anything. We have met a lot of people recently that we are looking to help.

I am fine with the transfers. I am doing great. Elder Cardona and I get along really well. I don`t really need anything other than what I mentioned. I am doing really well and he is fine with what you send. He doesn`t need anything specific either and if I asked he wouldn`t tell me.

I will explain to Dario about Dropbox and explain the basis so that he can pass the pictures quicker. I will tell him on Sunday when we have church. Things are going great and I am fine. The work is coming along we are trying to find people prepared to be baptized this month. It has been a challenge. More than anything if you can be praying that we find people prepared for the message it would be helpful. That is the most that I ask for. Thanks for everything I only have 2 minutes left, so this is the last message that I will be writing. I love you and thanks for everything. I appreciate all that you do and I am trying and doing the best that I can to give you as much information as possible with the time that I have. Love you!

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