Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

I am doing fine health-wise. It has been asthma related my medical experience and it was an asthma doctor. I am eating a lot and am doing fine. I feel great. I hope that everything is going well for everyone at home. I am doing better. I had an additional medicine for 5 days was all, but working hard to help me feel better. We played soccer today and I am feeling much better than before. I have seen a lot of blessings this week. We had 4 investigators this week at church and we have 2 investigators with baptismal dates for the future. We have Brian an 18 year-old kid for the 9th and Gloria that we met on Saturday that came to church working towards the 16th. We are doing so much right now. We found 7 new investigators this week, but 2 of them came to church. We have a washer. I live in a new apartment building. The house is great. We didn`t have anything special for Easter. I haven`t heard more from Camila. Hermano Salvador is a convert that is really special from Peñaflor that works hard in the Mission and helps us a lot it will be cool. I don`t remember the exact date, but it is here in April, but it will go well.

Hi Braxton!  We are at the AT&T store buying phones. I am glad you are feeling better. Do you have more energy now?

I am doing better. Yesterday I was slightly light-headed, but I am doing well. I don`t know much about the phone models and everything, but supposedly the Gold one is really nice, but I don`t have a clue or idea about what I want. I really haven`t focused much on that either, but I am doing much better and working hard to have success, just working hard and seeing many miracles in the work.

I chose space gray which is basically black and silver. It is a 5S which is about the same size as the phone you had before your mission. We ordered a nice case for it. It will be dark blue and light blue so you won't even see the black and silver. It has 128 gigabytes of storage. The phone case has the ability to charge your phone when the battery gets low and it seals it from water, dirt, snow and protects it if it gets dropped. Awesome phone for our awesome son!!!

I am glad you are having good success. I hope you are able to have some baptisms in this area. Did the lady who got robbed come to church?

No, this week she was at the beach and didn`t come. We are going to see how she is doing this week and if she is still interested.

Did the mission do anything for Easter?

No, the mission didn`t do anything special. We have been sharing the video Hallelujah with everyone and focusing on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and we have seen so many blessings from it. There is a lot to do and we have to walk 5 minutes to the bus stop from our house and 5-15 minutes in bus to our sector depending on traffic. We are doing great. I think she will be interested. Her name is Aystia and she is 22 and has a 5 year-old kid. She is great and has most of the lessons, but we are doing our best. Here in the sector we have 7 people that have attended church recently, so we are going to keep working hard to prepare the most possible right now. There are so many people that The Lord has been preparing here that we are going to see what we can do now for them. Thank you so much for your support and worrying about me, but I am doing really great. I know that everything will be fine. The time is really short and the mission goes by really quickly. Before you know it, I will be home. I can`t believe that things go so quickly. I don`t want it to end and there is so much that we are doing now to be able to help everyone to come unto Christ. I don`t know the exact date yet with Camila, but I should know when she writes back. Keep in contact and ask her to let you know when they have the date so that I can get permission. I am going to be waiting to hear.

I love you and I am out of time! Thanks for everything!

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