Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference

Conference was really great. We had 3 investigators attending. We have 2 with baptismal dates right now. We have Brian for the 9th but he isn`t really firm yet to be baptized even though he has been taught all of the lessons. We are working with him to see if he really wants to be baptized and his interest. We are working towards the desire that he needs to be baptized this weekend. We also have Gloria that came to church last week and we need to teach her a lot more and verify how she is coming along with the Book of Mormon and several other things. She has come to church twice and was at the conference. It was really great. We are doing a lot. We left between the sessions on Saturday to contact and we found a lady named Silvana that we invited to the conference for Sunday and we were going to pick her up, but we arrived late so we called her and she told us that she thought we weren`t going to come so she went on her own. We went and she was there and she has a lot of questions and a few problems that she is working to find answers to help her daughter.

I know that getting home I am going to want to have a little time for family and then start working to save more money. I don`t have a clue how much money I have left or anything. I am very concerned about finances after the mission. I feel like I am going to be lacking money and that I should work hard and prepare for college and see about dating and everything afterwards. I don`t know exactly, but time is going to go by very quickly and I am not sure about what will happen with everything right after the mission. 

I still don`t have pictures and I highly doubt that I will be able to get pictures to you before I finish my mission. I am sorry I would love to, but the computers don`t have a good capacity to read my camera. I am doing my very best, but everything is very stressful. I am doing all that I can right now. Time goes by really quickly, but I am really exhausted right now. I am doing my very best to keep working my hardest right now, but there is so much stress and everything right now to deal with that makes it interesting.

We have been working really hard to have success and we have a lot of people that are really receptive that are just making bad decisions. Our retention is the same case. We have 11 people that are really great, but lately have been making bad choices and aren`t attending church a lot. We are working really hard and our leaders are a little complicated, but we are doing our very best to accomplish the most that we can.  We are trying to do a lot and very little is happening. We are doing the best that we can to help each person and help them to make the decisions that will help them to receive the blessings of the Atonement that only come through the ordinances of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Sacrament. We are so busy that it is hard to focus on everything. We have a couple that got married on the 30th of March that know that the church is true but haven`t come to church even though they want to be baptized. I am trying to be patient with them so that they can make the right choice and be baptized. There are many things happening, but I am just trying to do my best. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all that there is to do and I know that coming home won`t be much different. There will be a lot of things that I am going to need to do and finding the time with be a challenge for me.

I appreciate all of the updates, but I don`t honestly know what will happen when I get home and how the Lord wants me to continue. I just know that accomplishing the goals that I am starting to set is not going to be easy and it will be frustrating, but I have many things that I really want to accomplish coming home. I know that it will be a challenge and it is possible that I don`t accomplish all of them, but I am going to do my very best to have a great plan set so that I make these goals happen as quickly as possible.

I don`t have a clue how I am going to accomplish them all, but I have good idea what I want to make happen in my life coming home. I don`t like focusing a lot on it right now, but I am planning for the future now and working as hard as I can to have as many baptisms as possible here before coming home. I am fighting against the clock to do so and I know I will be doing the same at home to set in my goals for the future coming home. I don`t know about spending a lot of time playing, or doing too much for fun coming home. I feel like I should focus in and prepare so that the future goals can be accomplished sooner than later.

Just relax. It will all work out. I am happy you are working so hard. You can invite people to the gospel, but they have to choose it for themselves. 

I´m not stressed over it. I am stressed over the fact that time passes so quickly and that I want to do more and accomplish more always.

There will be time for fun along with accomplishing your goals. It is great that you are setting goals.   I am excited for you to tell me about them when you get home. 

Sadly I am out of time. Thank you for everything. I appreciate all that you do and for the help. I know that my goals aren`t going to be easy to accomplish. That is why I worry so much, because I know that they are very difficult ones that are worth the results for me.

We all get the same amount of time and we don't always get to decide how things go. Come what may and love it!

I love you. Have a great week!

You should receive a copy of them after the mission. I am working on the 10 goals that will be sent to my parents, my bishop, and stake president when I am coming home from the mission. I am looking mostly into goals for the next few years and the purpose in each of them and I am going to have to work hard to be able to accomplish them all. I love you and will talk to you next week. I love you! Thanks for all that you are doing and for the updates that I get. I really am grateful.

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