Monday, April 11, 2016

Very Short Letter!

Hey Mom, I am sorry. I really don`t have a lot of time to write and I know that is frustrating, but I had a lot that I needed to write to my Mission President and other things. My time is nearly up, but I love you all. We didn`t have investigators at church, but we are still working hard to baptize Brian and Gloria this Saturday. They are both really awesome and want to be baptized. We are going to be working hard to have it happen. Thanks for all that you do. Brian wasn`t sure last week, so he didn`t get baptized yet, but he feels a lot more sure, now. So we are going to be helping him a lot right now.

Hi Braxton,

I love you and I know it is always hard to accomplish everything.  Are you happy and healthy? 


Let me know when you know more about Guillermo and Camila. Thanks for the help. Sorry, I am also preparing my Farewell Invitations for the people that I visited so that they can visit with me before I return. I am preparing them now so that I can have them delivered early. Thanks for everything!

I am doing really well. I am so sorry that I am not going to be able to write more but I am out of time right now. I love you talk to you next week!

I love you, too.  I can’t wait to have an opportunity to really talk to you.  I miss that.  Keep working hard.  We are praying for you.

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