Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two Baptisms and Three More to Come!

My asthma is doing fine. We are working with Gloria´s 3 kids. Estefania and Luis are the other 2 and they are all awesome. I didn`t tell you, but Gloria and her family are from Ecuador. Brian is from Perú. Things are going great. We are working hard. My asthma is under control and I always have eaten a lot so I don`t think it is an issue. I am not losing weight right now. We got water back last Monday. I don`t think that our mission medicates against parasites ending the mission. I am not worried about the Grandparents too much. I have learned a lot from them and if The Lord calls, He calls, but things are going really well. I am enjoying the work.

The other Temple trip I couldn`t go, because we had so much going on and there wasn`t any way to go. I sent a message to my Mission President today asking for permission for everything with Camila and Guillermo. We had the confirmations yesterday. We are working towards the 8th of May with all 3 of Gloria´s kids. Things have been really great and we are going to keep working hard there and finding more people that want to be baptized right now.

That is amazing!  I am so happy for you.  I am happy that your hard work is paying off.  Is your companion a good teacher?  You haven’t told us much about him.  Congratulations on your baptisms and confirmations.  I hope the others work out as well.  

I am glad your health is good.  Is it getting cold down there yet?  Will you be okay without your coat?  

I hope you will be able to work things out to go with Camila and Guillermo.  That would be such an awesome experience for you.  

Do you have any plans for your Mother’s Day call yet?

I don`t know yet about the Mother´s day call. I have the camera that I used last Skype call, but I don`t have all of the details yet.  

I should be able to go with Camila and Guillermo. Are they going to have the Endowment and Sealing the same day? 

It is a little cold, but I have the inner part of my coat. The warm part and I have my umbrella. I should be fine.

My companion teaches really well. He is in his 4th change in this sector. He should stay another after this one. He will be a very successful missionary. I wouldn`t doubt him being an assistant to the new Mission President when he is ending his mission.

Try to let us know next week about your phone call so we can set it up with everyone.  If you get a chance, test out your headset and find a computer that will work better.
I don’t know on the endowment and sealing.  I would think, yes, but I don’t know.  Perhaps you could get permission to call them and find out.

You could always wear the sweaters that go under your suit coat and your thermal underwear to keep warm.

I am glad that your companion will be successful.  I am sure you have helped him to become that wonderful missionary.  You have great faith in him. 

We love you so much!  It is great to hear from you.  What else has been going on in your part of the world?

I gave the Thermal Underwear to companions that aren`t good about the cold and I am using the sweaters. I am fine it isn`t that cold here. I would imagine that the endowment and sealing go together. I will find out soon.

I figured you wouldn’t wear it because you are always so hot-blooded.  I am glad you are using the sweaters.  Take some photos of you wearing them.  So far, I have not seen any photos in the sweaters.  Be warm.  Be safe.  Be happy! 

Love you, too!!!!!  Be Safe!  Be Goode!

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