Monday, May 16, 2016

Excited for this Week!!!

Hi, Mom. Things are going really well. I am doing great. The training was very limited, but I did pick up several concepts that I hadn`t learned before. I was being reminded of a lot of things that I had learned before. I am really grateful for the preparation that I put into place and the help to accomplish the goals that I have made. I have seen many blessings. I know that I am better prepared than many people returning home to go against the challenges and difficulties that I will have to face coming home.

I am really excited for this week. We changed our goal and we want to work to baptize Roger and Sandra this Sunday. They need very little teaching, but our goal is that they get baptized this Sunday instead of waiting until the 21st. This way we have more time, just in case. I am really excited to keep working with everyone here. I have seen so many blessings from the Lord and I am excited to make many temple trips coming home from the mission. I have a personal goal of working every Sunday on Family History work instead of playing video games. I decided that Video games are not something that will be a part of my Sundays after the mission. I would rather dedicate it to visiting people and temple work.

Those are great goals.  I hope you are able to help Roger and Sandra prepare for this Sunday and work with the Hatian that just moved to your area.  That would be so awesome and you have the ability to teach him well with the help of the man who goes out teaching with you each evening.  The Lord will bless you.  I think It is really cool that you are learning so many languages.  That will be a huge blessing to you in your adult years.  I hope you will be able to use them in your employment and in your service in the church. 

I am excited to work on Family History with you again.  I can't get Clain and Dad very excited about it and Curtis, Michelle and Shara are too busy in their lives right now.  We might be able to work on Clain a little bit together and help him learn to love it.  Thanks for your interest in Family History.  It is fun to have one of my kids love the things I do. 

How many missionaries were at the training today?  All of the ones that were in your CCM group and a few more?

There were 9 Elders and 9 Sisters today but one was there because the Assistants had a meeting, so Elder Ballard didn`t go and Elder Bevan extended his mission so he wasn`t there either.

That is interesting.  I didn't know they would let you extend your mission.  Is Elder Bevan going home with the big group at the end of June?

I got the carpet cleaned already.  They came earlier than expected.  It looks much better.  It has been too long since we cleaned it. 

What is the name of the Haitian man?  Have you met with him yet?

In occasions you can extend. I didn`t want to. The Haitian that attended once is called Wadcene. Lorentz is the one that goes out to help us almost every day.

I am glad you didn't.  I want you home.  I miss you. 

I hope things will go well with Wadcene.  I will pray for him and Roger and Sandra and for you and your companion.  I hope this will be one of your best weeks of the mission! 

Any questions about the temple names?

I just printed them off. I will go over them to see what I can do and verify the ones that would be duplicates. I will cut them out in a little. I am running short on time today, so it will be later. I only have a few more minutes. I should be fine with everything here. I have done everything that I have left to do for the mission during my email time. I will be able to dedicate a little more time to writing. I am relaxed right now. My main focus right now is helping my district to have success because they haven`t been having much success. They have a harder ward and they are working hard, but I have to keep looking for new ways to help them to be successful and to baptize. They are really great. We are doing everything that we can. I am really enjoying everything here. I am going to try to leave my information with more people before I end.

That is great.  Just keep helping and loving your District members.  Pray to know how to help them.  Think of all the things your past District Leaders and Zone Leaders have done to help you be successful and apply anything that might help them.  I know the Lord will guide you. 

I am glad your last few weeks will be a little more relaxed.  Love it and enjoy the people.  It will probably be a long time till you can go back and visit, but you will still be able to stay in touch.  I have added most of your companions on Facebook and the rest can be added when you get home or when they get home.  

You can give people Dad's phone number or mine.  We are getting rid of the house phone, unless you want me to change your number to be that phone number.  I could, but you would get a few extra calls from pigeon flyers and people who have had our number in the past.  Let me know.  I am going to go change it this week sometime.  

I´m out of time I will talk to you next week!

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