Monday, May 16, 2016

The Temple Trip Was Amazing!!!

The temple trip was amazing! I was shocked.... I didn`t expect them to want me to be a Witness for their Sealing. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot being the first time that I have been in a sealing. I really enjoyed this week and we had the baptisms of Roger and Sandra as well. Luis, Estefania and Maria Fernanda were confirmed as well. It was a great week! I am doing great and enjoying all of the great blessings that have come my way here. I never expected to have 7 baptisms in my last 3 months but it happened. Being 2 and a half months honestly in 10 weeks 7 baptisms was not on my expected list, but I am happy with everything.

We ran into Wadcene and talked to him and found out that he had moved to another part of the Sister´s sector. He is doing well, but didn`t attend church. They are working with him. Lorentz was sick this week so he couldn`t go out and visit with us. He is looking for a place to rent. I am really enjoying everything right now. 

Congratulations!!!  I am so happy for you.  I wish I could give you a great big hug right now.  I am so happy that your last area has been so productive.  I wish we would have had more time between your endowment and when you left so we could have gone to a sealing with you, but this is awesome for you to get to experience it with someone you love so much.  Not very many missionaries get to have an experience like that!

What great things do you have planned for this week?  Do you have any other investigators that are progressing?

I highly doubt that we have more baptisms before I come home. It would have to be my last Sunday and we don`t have a lot of investigators right now because we just baptized the majority that were progressing. We have been truly blessed here. We are planning a Temple Trip with the new converts that we have had for the 28th of May, but we need to have all of their interviews and have them receive The Aaronic Priesthood as well. I am working towards that goal. We are going to be looking to leave a few baptismal dates ready if we can. 

I am really enjoying this time, but I am fairly exhausted after these last couple of weeks. They have been exhausting, but great.
I am really happy here doing what I can and strengthening everyone here before I come home. I had a great time with Camila and Guillermo. I really enjoying having that experience with them. I will see them again. They are going to come when we have our farewells in Maipú.

They give a very important assignment to the Witnesses to a Sealing though. It was really awesome to be there. It made my whole week. Elder Huenumilla ran into his Ward, because they were all there for a Temple Trip. He ran into friends, ward members, his Bishop and others. He had a great time and it was really nice. The sister missionaries that received Diego de Almagro 2 after I left, that were there visiting with Camila and Guillermo, also had permission to be at the Sealing. It was really amazing. I will have to show you the pictures later on or ask my companion to send some to you.

Have Elder Huenumilla send some if you can.  I can’ t wait to see them!

That is amazing that Elder Huenumilla’s ward was there.  I am sure he felt that to be a special blessing to him. 

I have never been a witness to a sealing.  I bet it was so amazing!  I know it has always been amazing to me when I have been asked to be a witness in an endowment session.
I am happy that it went so well.  Did anyone take photos?  I hope Camila will post some soon.  I will have to check on Roger and Sandra’s FB pages to see if they post any photos. 

You were companions with Elder Leyva weren’t you?   He just got married.
I hope this week will be a good one and I hope you are able to take some of them to the temple to do baptisms.  That would be so awesome for you and probably a neat experience for your companion as well. 

Enjoy this time.  You can rest and recover when you get home.  You can always catch up on your sleep on that long plane ride home. J

Elder Leyva told me that he was going to get married in April. I heard that he had gotten married. We took pictures of the baptisms and of the temple trip. I just can`t send them. At the latest you will see them in a couple of weeks.

I know.  Everything is in a couple of weeks.  Closer, but still so hard to wait for it.  With today’s technology, it is hard not to have what I want when I want it.  I guess I should be very grateful our technology is more advanced than that of Chile, but still, I hate waiting. 

Here is a photo of Elder Leyva, that his wife posted an hour ago.  I am not sure when they got married.

The District that I am working with has been a little bit harder than my last one. They are both in the same ward in El Rosal, but the sectors are smaller and they are having a really hard time finding people that are willing and want to be baptized. 

Maybe you could help them out this week and do a finding day where everyone knocks doors in their sectors.  Maybe you could get a few ward members involved so you could split up and cover more ground and knock on even more doors.  Or borrow your Zone Leaders for a day to help out.

I will see if we have time because we are out of time.... I am really excited about everything right now. I have tried to in their sector and we haven`t had much success either. We went out as a District once and it didn`t work well. My companion is sending a couple of photos of the baptisms. He didn`t take pictures of Camila and Guillermo so you will have to wait for those.

Okay.  I am not sure what else you could try.  Pray for help and inspiration and you will know what to do to help them. 

I hope you have a fantastic week.  I know it won’t be as great as last week, but enjoy it anyways.  Work hard.  Be obedient and finish strong.  Take some photos of your apartment, the busses, the families you are working with and teaching and the other missionaries in your district and zone.  Enjoy and soak it all in, because soon you will be missing it as much as I am missing you, well, maybe almost as much!

I love you so much!  I am so very, very proud of all you are doing and all you have accomplished.  I know your Heavenly Father is proud of you, also. 

Hugs and kisses!
Love always and forever,

I´m out of time I´ll talk to you next week. My companion is sending pictures right now from the last baptisms.

Sweet!!!  Please tell him thank you for the photos and for being such a great companion to you.

Sadly, the photos never arrived in my email.  He must have run out of time, so I will wait another two weeks to see them. L

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