Monday, May 23, 2016

Final Emails - He will be home on May 31st!

Thanks for the update. Don`t worry I had a feeling that I would be saying goodbye to one of my grandparents before the mission. I knew that something was going to happen. Those feelings just come in life. I am really grateful for the example that my grandparents have always given me. I know that they are truly loved and it is hard on everyone when they go. I really appreciate everything that has been happening lately and the lessons that I am learning or have learned. I can`t wait to see everyone next week on Tuesday. I am doing my best to keep focused on the work. It is hard to keep finding more people to teach when you know that you aren`t going to be there for anything that happens in the future. I am doing my best to strengthen my converts in the Gospel this week and leave them ready so that the next missionaries can help them and serve them with the ward to keep them going strong. I want to be in contact with them all here soon. Thanks for everything and the constant support. I know that it isn`t easy to write every week and be there constantly.

I love writing to you, but I am grateful that this phase of our lives is almost over.  I love having my children close to me and being able to call or text whenever I want.  Which just reminded me of the other thing I had forgotten. 

Your new cell phone number is                                in case you want to give it out to anyone before you come home. 

I wish you could be here for the funeral, but I don’t want you to miss the last week of your mission.  I figure that the Lord knew what He was doing and He would want you to stay and be a finisher.   

You have had wonderful grandparents and I am grateful that they have been around to influence your life.  Life would have been very different without them.  I am happy Grandma is now at peace.  I hope Grandpa will join her soon because I hate seeing him sit there day after day, not being able to do anything but eat, sleep and watch TV. 
Were you able to have your confirmations on Sunday?  Do you have any more temple trips planned?

We had the confirmations of Roger and Sandra. We won`t be able to have our Temple Trip this week. We have not been able to get the interviews for the Temple or for The Aaronic Priesthood with the converts. It hasn`t been easy to get them through and because we haven`t been able to, we can`t take them to the Temple. I am doing all that I can. This week I have a lot of activities. I have lunch with my Mission President and his Wife tomorrow and Thursday the Temple trip. Either Friday or next Monday I will have my Interview with my Mission President and I will ask him for a new Temple Recommend, as well. I am nearly out of time, but I am grateful for the time that I have had to write and everything. I will be happy to not have to email so much or write so much trying to explain everything.

Okay!  Be careful and safe as you travel home.  Take time to eat something during your layover between flights. 

I love you so much and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you again. 

Hugs and Kisses!
Love always and forever,

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