Monday, December 8, 2014

Elder Correa and Elder Goode in Diego de Almagro

One of the missionary moms posted on Facebook that there was a fire in a chapel in the Republic Stake.  Was that your church building?  Did you hear about it?

It was at another church building and yes I heard about it. It was in Parque O'Higgins not my church building. Mine is in the Stake Center and there are two wards there Rebublica and Diego de Almagro. 

Can you just upload all of them to my Dropbox account next week?  Please!  I am so happy to see your happy face today.  Keep on smiling!

No I will just keep sending you photos through email. I have a few this week. Starting with my new companion and I. He is from Cali, Columbia. Things are going really well though. It was a harder week with a lot of time in the street.... We are having a hard time finding times when people are in their houses because they all work so much and aren´t home.... We haven´t had more than 2 lessons in a day yet.... It is really frustrating for me..... I want to have more lessons to have more progress but it is interesting. Our attendance at Church was 161 and our goal for the end of the year is 167 so we are pretty happy with that. Right now we are working to find more investigators and help them progress this month. We have a couple but not a lot honestly. My last sector had around 20 investigators and here we have less than 5..... It is really interesting....

Really rough....  We only had 11 lessons last week and I don´t like it this way..... I am working really hard and contacting a lot we had 89 contacts this last week. We have one new investigator that we are going to work really hard with this week he came to church this last Sunday to have his baby blessed in the church and his wife is a less active and her parents are active. We have been teaching about Family History and I really need your help. SUPER IMPORTANT......  Can you help me find out how to link the Family Search accounts so that when one person does something on their tree it shows up on the others? Because it isn´t happening and this family wants to have their trees connected and I don´t know how to do it...... They are really awesome and are from Ecuador..... Imagine that.... I am looking for a baptism of the husband of Soley who is Carlos. We had 3 lessons with them this last week and are going to start into the lessons with Carlos this week and work really hard to help him be baptized this month. Thanks and I really need to know how today.

He has 16 months and he has 3 months in this sector and had 1 baptism that was basically ready when he got here. He is really excited because his last companion was really lazy and wasn´t working hard but I am sick of being on my feet all day..... We are looking for ways to be in the houses more..... Thanks and I will keep sending photos. We decided to cook Plátanos and we had beets and a salad it was really good. I am learning to cook with him and he is learning English from me. 

Thanks for the photo.  It sounds like they need someone in this sector who is a good hard worker.  That would be YOU!  Has your companion had any baptisms here?  How long has he been in this sector?  How long has he been out on his mission?  I am happy your attendance is close to your goal. 

Yes..... They want it to have the correct name code for each person and it always shows up person unknown. Carlos wants to add Soley and have all of her branch of the family show up but it won´t because he can´t find her and she has all of the branch finished.... Each want to do their side of the family and join them together just by adding the other.... It is really frustrating because Carlos is doing all of his family that aren´t members and aren´t in the system and Soley will have to add them all individually.... The parents of Soley as well will have to do it all the hard way and they all want what Soley has but don´t know how to get it.... I am really frustrated with it because I don´t have a lot of time and I can´t individually do it all at once. We need to start focusing more on the lessons and not just doing their family trees..... I need a way to make it all show up faster. Soley has all of her grandparents and to great grandparents. Carlos has his parents but to create them all with take a lot of time for 4 accounts.....

If they add something for a living person it will not show up in the other account.  Each person will have to add the living people to their own account.  Once they get to the deceased people, then they should be okay.  It is like adding a bridge from the living to the dead. 

When I first opened my account, I had to add Dad, all of our children and grandchildren, my parents, dad’s parents and each of our grandparents.  It was the grandparents who were deceased.  Then when I added each of them, it populated the rest of that branch of the tree. 

I had to do the same thing for Dad’s account and for your account.  It is meant to protect the living people in the tree.  No one else can see the living people I add except for me.

Is this the problem they are having?

The thing is that they all have accounts.... and they want them to have all of the information..... I will have to work with them to explain everything about the system and that is really annoying.... Oh well I will have to explain and work with it.....

If entering in all the information for the living people is a burden for them, then have them just work with one account and not two or more.  I have several couples in my Sunday School class who just share one account.  It works out alright. 

Here are some photos of the city from an apartment we were visiting in with our Ward Misson Leader. Also do I have a Skype account to use for Christmas calls?

More photos of other parts only a little of this is in my sector most of my sector is the other direction. Are you sure there isn´t another way to connect all of the accounts?

I hope that these photos help you see a little of the view and that the apartment buildings are huge.... I live in one that has I think 24 floors.... I honestly don´t remember they all have a lot.... Thanks for everything and I am out of time enjoy your week and I will work with what I have for now and help them to all work through one account and add everything into one and if they want to they can create the others for their own accounts but I will explain that so that they can all have the people in their accounts and then we will start working on teaching Carlos. He is really receptive and I don´t doubt that he could be baptized in a short amount of time. Thanks for everything and enjoy your week!

No we cannot use computers of members we have two options Skype in cyber with cameras if it has them or in the church using the computers there and we have 4 days that we can Skype for 1 hour. 24-27 any of these days.

I understand thanks. More than anything it is really frustrating because it would be so much easier if everything just showed up.... Oh well thanks and I have to go bye! Love you!

Love you, too.  Thanks for the photos.  Good luck.  You can do anything.  Nothing is impossible with the Lord.

I understand and I will let you know next week which day my companion and I are going to Skype we are going to talk about it and plan it out. Thanks for everything and I will work with the families to help them have their family history tree. Thanks for everything. Love you!

I am grateful to another mom for posting this fun photo of Braxton.  When they meet up for transfers or other meetings they like to get together with their mission family members.  There is a tradition in the mission that your Trainer becomes your Father.  Braxton's trainer is Elder Chuqel with the pink tie.  Elder Chuqel has also trained Elder Prisbrey, who is on the far right with the light blue tie.  Elder Smith, in the center,  trained Elder Chuquel, so he is Braxton's Grandfather.  He also trained Elder Stevens who is second from the left, so elder Stevens is an Uncle to Braxton.  This is Braxton's Heritage in the Mission.  I can't wait to see how it continues to grow throughout his mission.  

I am grateful to another mother for posting this poster on Facebook, also.  Braxton was selected to sing in the choir for this program which will be presented on December 19th, 20th and 21st in the mission in three different locations.  He was excited to be able to sing and perform again.  He loved doing that last Christmas with the Syracuse High Madrigals.  I am sure practices are adding a bit of fun to his December as well.  I hope he will remember this as one of the highlights of his mission, to sing about the birth of our Savior, in Spanish.  I wish I could be there to watch and listen.  I hope it touches hearts and brings new people to investigate the church.  What a wonderful Christmas blessing! 

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