Monday, December 15, 2014

Nearly Christmas!

Figure out what your companion wants to do and we can work with that.  Does the cyber you are using have cameras?  We will go to Cache Valley on the 26th for the Parkinson party so that is probably not the best day for us.  The others should be fine.
We are going to be at a cyber and we have to verify if it will be open on the 25th. My companion is going to Skype on the 26th because his family can that day. We will be in a cyber for everything, so don´t worry too much.

What time are you going to Skype on the 26th?

He will Skype on the 26th, but I don´t know the hour yet.  We can do them separate if we need to.  Let me know. My companion just said at 4 which is 1 in the afternoon for you.... I don´t know. What do you want to do about it?

Will the Cyber Café be open on the 25th?  That would be the best for us, but if not, we can do the 26th at 1:00 our time.  I think it is actually noon our time.  We are four hours different now, I think.  Right now it is 11:50 a.m. here.  What time is it there?

4 so yes it is 4 hours different now. So it would be 12 for you then. On the 26th. I don´t know if Cyber will be open on the 25th but I will ask and let you know before the 25th, probably the next Monday to verify if it will be open.

The Parkinson party is in the evening, so we could Skype with you before we go up. 

I have been trying to answer them all. I will let you know and I only have 1 hour for Skype so it will be little bit short and quick.

Elder Correa has been here for 3 months and it is a really hard area to have people to teach. They are all so busy and plans fall through with everyone.... It is really frustrating. We try passing by to confirm our appointments for everyone and calling to plan things during the day and a lot fall through.  The ward is great, but they are really only available on the weekends. They work a lot. We had 160 people at church yesterday, so it is fairly consistent. We are doing everything that we can to have success.

Carlos came to church with his family this week, so he has the needed attendances.  We just have to finish teaching all of the lessons that we haven´t yet, which will be a challenge and plan his interview and everything at the church building that is half an hour away.... That is probably the hardest part about church is that it is so far away but yet the people come which for me is a miracle in many ways. I am really excited and doing all that I can.

We have been practicing a lot of songs. We have about 6 or so songs that we will be performing as a choir.  I am losing a lot of time in my sector for choir practices and performances this week, so it will be really crazy. We also have our Christmas party that is a reunion of special changes because missionaries are going home that day as well. So it will be large. I have a choir practice Thursday morning at 8 and the reunions until 4 in the afternoon. So 5 in the morning for you until 1 in the afternoon.... It will be a long day, but it will be good. I´ll keep working on writing more and doing my best to keep you informed.

They are finishing their missions. It is just when they end because they had a change at one point that was 8 weeks long and caused this need of special changes.

Ya things are good with Elder Correa and I know there are a lot of people. Look for Cerro Santa Lucia in Google Earth and that road by it is the edge of our sector on the south side and inside of Santa Rosas to the East is ours until it hits a large road that is east of another that is called Portugal. That is the other border and there is another street south of Diez de Julio. That is our other border. All of that space is our sector. Our church is on the corner of Republica with Gorbea if you want to know how far away everything is for the sector. The other part of our ward is west of Santa Rosas that right now is the sector of Simi Squad. That is more information for you.

That´s awesome that everything is going so well and that you are enjoying this time of year. I am barely realizing where we are in the year. I just barely got here it feels like and now it has been a half month.... I don´t understand how the time passes so quickly, but it does and there is never enough time to do everything that we would like to accomplish, but enjoy everything and serving the people in the time that you have.

We walk usually or use metro if we need to go to other parts, but walk a lot. My shoes are fine and no, I don’t need insoles.  I am doing just fine.

Simi Squad is a companionship that uses computers to make El Rescate or the books for each sector, The Rescue in English, that have all of the members that live in your sector. They also have a phone to receive all of the calls for references and they find the people that have moved and where they are living now and send their directions and do a lot of the hard work for the mission. They are in the office until 6 in the afternoon and then head out for 3 hours a day to teach. They lose a lot of time but help the whole mission.

There are 3 right now because one ends his mission on Thursday. Elders Baumann ending his mission from United States and Elders Trejo and Bittencourt. Trejo from Mexico and Bittencourt from Brazil. They all have more than a year in the mission but are working hard. We also know that they are going to be changing sectors. They are going to switch sectors with the Sisters in our Zone so they will be in Republica and the Sisters will be in Diego de Almagro 1.

Brother Schneiter said he would send you an email with the link to a YouTube video of the presentation they showed at the Ward Party. 
I have the link.  Also, my small speaker broke.... The charging port, the little metal ends inside are broken so I cannot charge the speaker which makes it useless for music.... I don´t know I have been looking for a speaker here but don´t stress about it. I haven´t found anything yet, but I am going to find something that I can use because I miss having music....

I am sorry.  I know that must be a pain.  Music is awesome!  Does your companion have a music player or speakers?  I can get you another speaker if you want and send it with this package that I have ready.  I would have to move it to a box, but that would be okay. 

I don´t know.... I think I can find something but don´t stress about it right now. I am doing okay. I am working with everything I am going to try to send a few photos to you before I have to be off. This one is of lunch with our family from Ecuador ask Curtis if he has seen this before. It was really good and a different flavor than what Chileans eat normally so it was really awesome. Chileans like food bland and boring and other countries have more interesting flavors. But things are going really well.

Please send that photo again.  It only sent the top half of the photo.  Weird.  I thought that Chileans ate a soup like this.  I have seen it on the Mission Blog.  It is called Cazuela, with rice corn on the cob, meat and squash in it. 

I have had it before with Chileans but this was different more Ecuadorian. The flavor was better. I don´t have time to send it again.... It took forever to load.... Sorry I really don´t have time to send it again. I really have to go. We have an hour and a half to do all of our shopping still. We had to be in Maipu for the morning for a Choir practice so we are a little rushed today. Thanks for everything and for all that you do. From Republica to Maipu in Metro is about an hour. You can look up the metro routes if you want. We are in the stop for Santa Lucia so there and line changes and everything really interesting. Thanks for everything and enjoy the cold..... I want to be cold..... I am warm but it isn´t as warm as Utah gets in summer but I am in the street more so it feels like it. The winter here was really nice for me to have time to feel nice when I got to the mission with the cold. Thanks for everything and I will keep writing all that I can and doing my best.

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