Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year

Thanks for everything I hope that everything is going well and that you are enjoying everything.

We work a lot with the parks and everything that is around. We are working really hard and no we can´t do splits with the priests. We can only with Elders and there are a lot of opportunities. I´m not too worried I am just working hard to help the people and keep doing my best each day. Thanks for all that you do and always writing to me. I really appreciate all that you do and that you are always looking out for me in every little thing. It means a lot to me.

Okay. I will find souveniers don´t worry too much about that. More than anything I am looking for things that I want and that will last and be good for a long time. I am doing just fine and everything is going well. I haven´t taken money out yet because everything here would charge extra fees. I don´t know where I need to take out money to not get charged and I can´t remember where it was and I have not really been worried about that.

Okay.  It is not a problem.  Just look at the little icons on your Checking card and try to find a teller machine that has the same icons on as the card.  Then it shouldn’t charge a lot of fees.

Okay. More than anything the 3000 peso charge is a 5 dollar fee and not exactly something that I like..... I am being really good about money like always. I never lack and usually I have a little extra saved away for the emergencies or the moments when I have to use more to be okay but I am being very good about the money don´t stress. I will probably at some point use some but thanks for always having it ready. I just don´t usually want to use it if I don´t really need it. That´s how I live life simple and happy. My companions never understand how I can give away so many things without even having a hard time they really like that. They say that the American missionaries usually don´t share or keep their packages for themselves but that has surprised every one of my companions that it isn´t that important to me. I enjoy seeing them happy more than enjoying the food or toys or anything else. I love to give but at the same time I like to be prepared for the future not living outside of my means. Thanks for your concern and I will do my best to have my memories and everything as well thanks and I love you a lot. I don´t know how much more time I have but I really appreciate all that you do for me.

We got six to eight inches of snow last night.  That is our first good snowfall of the year.  Clain is out shoveling it right now.  I am sure you will miss that opportunity!  Did you ever get to shovel snow down there?

Ya right..... Snow...... It just rains. In the mountains there was snow but that was it.

Hey I found two new people from records can you look into the parents of this person they were in a record and I just created them but they need more information. The code is: 9M6D-9M5 Thanks!

I´m out of time thanks for everything and I will talk to you next week thanks!

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