Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I know but we will see. I am doing good with everything and I picked up the package yesterday at the concert in Maipú. It was really good and we performed 4 times. In Talagante, 5 de Abril, Olimpo, and Maipú. President Barreiros said that they are going to do other concerts in the future so I will have other opportunities to sing in the mission. It was really great. The thing that I like most is that I get to keep all of the music to remember the choir.
Photos of the Choir that sang in the La Navidad program this weekend.  

Choir members on the bus, probably going from one location to another for the program.

Thanks and I am doing my best to enjoy every tiring day of exhaustion that I have. I am really tired after this last weekend getting back to our apartment around 11 or 12 every night. It was a really crazy week with very few lessons. But I am doing just fine even though my sector is really low on numbers.

Elder Correa hasn´t received anything and he said that he doesn´t receive packages. He really wants to work on his English and get it down. A lot of the Latin missionaries like the quads that we have in English because there aren´t any in Spanish. They tend to like the blue ones with silver like I have and I don´t know for certain but something special for him like that maybe a middle sized blue quad with silver and if you have the opportunity you could put his name on them. Juan Sebastian Correa Mejia. I know that he would love that, but I don´t know if it is too expensive or anything. His birthday is the 17th of January if I am still with him it would be really great and if not I could give it to him when I see him. But that is what I have been thinking. Thanks! Love you!

 Two photos of Braxton with Elder Chuquel, his first trainer in the mission.  

 Photos taken by Hermana Gutierrez at the concert.

Okay, I knew about Chuquel being basically engaged and yes I knew about his missionary that he met when he was with Elder Smith his trainer that came to Lo Espejo and found him. Elder Chuquel has been a member for a little more than 2 years with a year of that time in the mission. I know the Bertangna couple well. They are in the office and I know Cecilia really well. She works in Al Cantara and came to the concert yesterday and took the pictures. She works to keep Al Cantara running. She does laundry, works and everything for the church, but isn´t a missionary. I also know the Andersons well. We just got a new couple the McCain couple from Idaho. Elder Correa didn´t sing in the program, but Elder Vasquez did with me. There were 24 missionaries in the choir 6 of each part. It was really good I went with Elder Hatch to all of the practices and my companion worked with his companions while we went to practices.

I got my package yesterday and we opened it this morning during the morning of Preparation day and we started decorating, but didn´t finish. My companion is frustrated because he wants to open the presents, but loves the scriptures and we read them in Spanish and English to help him learn and understand. I love your Epistle of Letters to Missionaries. I read a lot of the cards and things this morning. We opened 9 of the 12 Stars after reading each scripture and guessing and we will do one a day until Christmas.

Thanks I live in the street Santa Rosa on the West side it is like 259 or something like that for the street number. it is in the middle of 3 department buildings. I am going to take treat bags to District Meeting on Wednesday to give to my District. There aren´t enough for the whole zone so just the District will get them. We did a White Elephant as a mission last Thursday and I got a Santa mug and I gave a Mate cup and straw to someone I don´t know who got it, but it was an Elder. We also are doing a zone white elephant but we each have a name to give something to. Mine is Elder Fernandez that used to live in my apartment in Lo Espejo. He is a District Leader now in my Zone, but isn´t mine. He went to Republica then one change later, so did I. In my apartment it is just Elder Correa and I and I think that just about covers all of the questions, but I will do my best to keep up with them all.

With the Christmas concerts for the mission there were 4. We had one in Talagante on Friday, 2 on Saturday one in 5 de Abril, one in Olimpo, and on Sunday we had one in Maipú it was really great. I am doing really well and I am going to send a few pictures of the week. We are going to start with Christmas and work back.

This photo is of the mission at our Christmas party that we had and with the whole mission. Have fun looking and finding me. 

After I opened the box and took out the papers yesterday. We waited to go through everything until today because we were exhausted and I had to carry a 24 pound box through metro that was about an hour from my house and put it down to rest during metro but still had to carry it for like 20 minutes. But I am happy and so is my companion just that he wants to open everything. We are going to have a great time. Thanks for sending everything and I know that it was really expensive, but I appreciate all that you do for me. We are going to hang the chains later we put them all together today but need to put them up. We also played a couple rounds of bingo with the two of us. We are going just fine though just really tired. Thanks for everything!

This is the invitation for the concert that we had in color if you hadn´t seen it. It was really awesome and with all of the performances our mission president said it was like 2 Stake Conferences or about 1000 people but in Chile that is a great turnout. I don´t know if that was total or just Maipú because Maipú was packed.....

Other food that we had with our family from Ecuador. It was really interesting and new and I wasn´t exactly used to it, but I liked it overall. Ask Curtis if he has seen this before?

These are called Arepas. We made them with a less active member and we had them with cheese inside. They are really good. We had them another time in a Family Home Evening with less active members and active members. 

Each year our mission makes a mission card with photos of the whole mission and all the missionaries, so I am going to send a photo of this year´s to you. That way you can know who all the missionaries are in my mission right now and where they are all from and who has been my companions. Elder Ballard from my group is training right now, if you didn´t know and he is training the first Bolivian in our mission, Elder Barrero or something like that you can find them in this photo and look at the whole mission enjoy.

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