Monday, December 1, 2014

One Baptism, A Transfer and Photos Finally!!!

Thanksgiving I forgot to do stuff and was really busy.... It was really busy this week. 4 of our investigators passed their interviews, but only 1 was baptized. That was Isabel that I sent photos of the other day. Ashlee is going to get baptized this week and the other two are going to wait for a while, but still are going to keep coming. I am really excited to be in another sector, but there will be a lot of challenges here. I know that I will learn and get used to it and the sector will improve. There is a lot to do here, but I know that it will all work out. I am really happy and excited with changes and I have better computers to use to email, so it will be really good!

Elder Vasquez baptized Isabel and she hasn´t been confirmed yet. The boys didn´t feel ready, but they are still progressing. It is fine. Things will work out. I am doing really well and I sent the photo to your email Saturday night or for you Saturday afternoon. I sent a lot of pictures from my camera you should have a lot of them....

I didn't get the photos.  The email program must have blocked them.  Can you send them again?

I will send the photos that I have, first of Isabel and afterwards others. Look for an email from my camera they were all from my camera. I sent you another message with all of that information.....

The Guerra Zapata family that are really great and they are progressing still. Elizabeth, the mom, needs to get married, to be baptized and the two kids will when she is or with more times attending church.  Their father doesn´t come..... he is the father of the youngest and the photo was taken at the church.

The family of Melanie. She the taller woman. She was baptized by Elder Fernandez in the other sector and yesterday her sister Miriam in pink and Israel the guy holding the young kid were baptized by Elder Decker and Elder Villablanca that are in the other sector. They are a great family and I was teaching the sister of Melanie and Miriam.

Here is a photo of me with Miguel and Javiera. She is the sister of Melanie and Miriam and they are progressing, but still haven´t come to church.... They didn´t even come to the baptism which was frustrating..... Oh well, they are really great though. I am really excited though for my new sector. These photos are the people from my last sector basically.

The Soto Flores Family. Jessy, the mom is the one that I gave an inhaler to. They are converts of Elder Smith and Elder Chuquel. They are really great and it was really great to visit with them. All of them speak English, except for the Dad, who isn´t the dad of any of the kids, but they are awesome! Great people that were in my last sector.

I am basically out of time for today, but I will let you know more about my new sector, Diego de Almagro 2. It is in the zone Republica and before I was in the zone Ochagavia in Lo Espejo 2. My companion now is Elder Correa from Columbia. Things will be really good here and I will get you a photo of him for next week. Thanks! Love you bye!

It shouldn´t be a problem anymore with photos at least while I am in Republica so for at least a month and a half I will focus on finding good photos for you! Love you bye! 

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