Monday, March 16, 2015

A Friend Like McKay

The conference was half of the mission, all of the city zones. It was just a normal conference. Elder Argyle and I talk a lot about games and everything. You could think of a McKay Rowley comparison with me.  (McKay is one of Braxton’s good friends from high school).  We can talk about most anything because of what we both like. He wants to go into Computer Programming as well, so we have a lot in common. We haven´t cooked a lot lately, but we made tacos the other day. They were really good. I don´t honestly know the weirdest food I have eaten. Their food is pretty normal honestly. I like salads, honestly. I have been looking for opportunities to eat more salads.

We haven´t gone anywhere interesting in a little while. The Choir survey came out this week so it is in progress now, but I still don´t know about it yet. I will see if I have any new interesting photos to send this week.

We had a couple of investigators at church this week. Constanza, that is the girlfriend of a returned missionary, has attended twice now and we have an appointment with them tomorrow in the afternoon. We also have Barbara, that is living with a less active member and they both came this week. We had tried visiting them before, but now we have an appointment with them also tomorrow in the evening. Things are going well, lots of work. We are looking for new people all the time, because it is a hard time finding lessons. But things are slowly going up. We only had 13 lessons this last week, but we are improving things and getting people ready to be baptized as quickly as possible. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate all of the information and I hope that you keep enjoying the time with the grandkids and all the happy, fun moments.

Okay, I hope that everything goes well. I haven´t had a lot of time today to write and we decided to write earlier to get done with everything and not have to rush so much. We ran into them, (the Catholic Family he mentioned last week) the other day and planned another appointment because the last week they were out of town, so we didn´t see them. We don´t have any set baptismal dates right now, but we are working on everything that we can right now.

I was able to play the CD and I really like the songs. Elder Argyle does play the flute, but didn´t bring it. He played the flute in the Christmas concert.

We found hamburger that was around 2,000 or 3,000 pesos which is like 3 to 5 dollars but we could make a couple meals out of it and soft shell tacos they have here which works out great. 

Thanks. Talk to you next week. I haven´t gotten any photos sent I will try to from my camera this week.

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