Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Great Week!

The package was great.  I am glad that you are going to have time with the kids and get to play.

Thanks for everything. It was a great package. Elder Argyle´s name is Daniel Matt Argyle and he was born in Utah and lived in Roy for 10 years, but moved to Missouri and has been living there up until the mission. We had 15 lessons this week and a lot of contacts, but we found 5 new investigators this week. We are working a lot to teach people, but we haven´t got baptismal dates. Most everyone that is progressing isn´t married or we can´t run into them again, but we are working hard to have people ready to be baptized. We are working with a lot of references and other things.

Carlos is doing well. He has a few names ready and I don´t know when we are going to the temple again. I don´t think I am going to send the SD card. I think that I will hang onto it and keep using others. He probably has Facebook. Most everyone does these days. Thanks for everything. We are working with William.  He has been really receptive recently, but hasn´t been able to attend yet because of work and he isn´t married so we are working to teach that this week with him. We are also going to work with a new family that is Catholic with 3 kids married and we are working to help them understand the importance of praying to know, but they are really Catholic and don´t seem to want to change, but we are going to help them understand and find the answers this week.

I am changing my contacts.  I just haven´t used my contacts in a while. Everyone tells me that I look tired when I use contacts, so I have been using them less. I shared and it went well. Thanks for everything and yes it went well. I don´t know. I liked the package. Maybe a few more interesting food possibilities to cook I honestly don´t know you are doing really well with packages and I am not complaining. Thanks for all that you do. We haven´t had a time change this year. Chile decided that they aren´t changing time according to a member that told me that. I would rather hang onto SD cards and fill them up more. Thanks for everything though I am doing great. We were in Camila´s house when I took the photos and he likes to be funny and it works out fine.

It is 2:47 here now.  I will work on sending pictures. We had to do Elder Argyle´s papers to get his ID card here. The package was great. Thank you. Surprise me with the food choices, but I don´t know. Normal P-day but rushed because of ID. We made Banana Bread for Family Home Evening, Elder Argyle and I. It was great. The CD cases are great. I hadn´t bought anything yet. I honestly had forgotten to try the disc, but I will this week. I have been really busy. Thanks!

Okay I am doing well I will try sending a few photos but I haven´t taken very many recently sorry about that....

I haven´t heard anything about Easter´s program yet, other than the date. We have pans, bowls, sufficient stuff just not everything and we are creative. We have made tacos, but we are going to make more this week with soft shell burritos. The missionaries really enjoyed the package. My favorite was about math and closing your eyes and it being really dark. We are doing really great. Elder Argyle and I cook a lot together and work as a team which I have really enjoyed lately.

Elder Argyle got wrapped up by Carlos ready to send home but he was a little claustrophobic.

Sorry I sent them backwards. He is here and that was our banana bread for a Family Home Evening.

Sorry I don´t have any more time, but that generally explains things I am doing my best working hard finding more people and working with them the best that I can to help them along their paths. Thanks for everything and I will keep doing my best to give you more detail.

I'm impressed with the banana bread. Did it taste as good as it looks?

Yes I am working with Elder Argyle to learn more, even though I don´t have them all down to memory. I am learning a lot better the ingredients and about how much of everything. Thanks though.

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